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Another Calendar Problem

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I tried to add a listing for this year's Scandinavian Squeeze-In. Everything seemed to work fine, but after it was added I looked in the right month -- May 2006 -- and couldn't find any evidence of it.


I have used my browser's "Back" button to verify that I have entered all the information correctly. The dates are 19 May 2006 (Start) to 21 May 2006 (End); the Event Title is "Scandinavian Squeeze-In 2006", and I've copied into the following quote the main body of the announcement. So what do I need to do to make it appear?

This year's Scandinavian Squeeze-In is somewhat later than in past years, but we have a good reason.


For further information, check Pontus' web site.


On the left-hand menu, click first on "SSI", as that's where the current announcement is.


Since not all the details have been filled in, click next on "2003", which includes much more detail, including a number of photos. (Just ignore the old dates, price, and Sunday concert location.) The contact info page under "2004" is still correct (the 2003 contact info is obsolete).


I need to check about this year's price, but I expect it to be close to the 700 Swedish kronor of the last couple of years, if not exactly that.


Hmm, I also wonder why there's not a "2005" to click on. Well, I'll update this description as the web site gets filled in. At least I hope that's an option in the Calendar. :)


By the way, is it really true that Jubilee Concertinas is a pair of events occurring every single Saturday through 7 Feb. 2007? If not, those entries should be corrected or deleted, because they make it difficult to locate anything else.

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Nearly 2 weeks ago, I tried adding a calendar event for 22 April. I can't remember the exact message but there was a message along the lines of the event would be sent for validation before inclusion in the list.


This event is still not listed. How long does this process take?


Best wishes


John Wild

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Was my question too hard or is the solution difficult to explain?


On my browser there are tabs top left for Forums/Members/Calendar ... click on Calendar

Now, you should see on the top right a button that says "Add Event"


It looks to work much the same way as Google Calendars if you've used those at all.

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