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  1. No, of course it's still fine to use the DMs as usual, but just be careful if you receive a DM from a new user with no forums activity who happens to supply you with an email address of someone who has just what you are looking for. Be very, very careful, and check on the forums first by posting a reply in public before replying so due diligence can also be performed by other users. This issue was discussed in another thread... keep an eye out for bogus/re-used/inconsistent photos, inability to provide additional photos, things like that.
  2. If you post a message looking to buy something then receive a private/direct message telling you to contact someone by email that they have exactly what you are looking for, please do NOT reply and report the user to an admin immediately. This is a new type of scam going around. Thank you for your vigilance.
  3. Definitely a scammer. He's been reported and banned. In cases like this, definitely let me know ASAP so we can take action...
  4. It works perfectly fine for me now (on a desktop computer). Either the server was busy at the time, or it's something with your connection or device. Try again, or try from a different browser/device if you can. Or just use Google as suggested... Paul
  5. I guess it depends on what you're using to browse, but for me on desktop you just use the little carat I've circled in the attached.
  6. Yes, the old tiny ads just weren't cutting it... trying out the upgraded ads system. You can collapse the band that shows at the top/bottom of the screen. Paul
  7. The site is moving to a new server for increased capacity, so expect some downtime tomorrow, Saturday March 20, 2021. Thanks for your patience. Paul
  8. I think I've figured out the problem... working on fixing it now. Thanks, Paul
  9. Oh well. Worth a try. Actually, did you quit your browser and re-start it (or even re-start your computer to be on the safe side)? I imagine that once the audio playback engine has been instantiated it remains open.
  10. I wonder if it's due to the ability of the site to play a sound to tell you that you have a notification. Try clicking on your name at the top right-->account settings-->notification settings (on the right)-->uncheck "Play a sound when I receive a notification" and click "save". Maybe this will work... Paul
  11. Yes, I didn't even know it was off for normal members. Honestly, people need to remember that this is a commercial product... I don't know every nook and cranny of the software, I don't program it myself, and so before assuming that there is some nefarious plot behind some new feature or field or requirement, maybe just ask politely? Usually these things just show up in an update to the system (which yes, I do apply because they often include security patches/updates to keep the system safe from hackers/spammers/scammers... it's a constant battle!) and I can always look into adding/removing/modifying something if it makes sense (and if it's possible -- no guarantees!). Remember that this system is used by thousands of diverse communities all over the world... what doesn't really make sense for us might be an important requirement for some other community.
  12. I've turned this on for everyone now. If you think it should be turned back off for whatever reason, I can do so. Paul
  13. I've taken care of it. I merged your old account with this new one. Cheers, Paul
  14. By the way, I also significantly increased the PM box size for everyone not too long ago. Recently managed an upgrade to the storage capacity of the server... Paul
  15. Hey Ken, yes, the site certainly started earlier, but it only officially became "Concertina.net" I guess when I actually registered the domain name, which apparently as this day 20 years ago. Thanks for coming along for the ride my friend! Paul
  16. I just realized that the Community Calendar was locked down in the most recent update. I've fixed the permissions, so registered users should now be able to add events. Sorry about that. Paul
  17. until
    Event Name: 19th Annual Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival Place: Market Square, Portsmouth, NH Dates: Saturday and Sunday, September 29 and 30, 2018 Web: pmffest.org Every September, dozens of folk and sea music performers bring maritime folk music and song to downtown Portsmouth, NH. The 19th annual festival showcases music from the US, British Isles and Canada at venues in the Market Square area, including Portsmouth Gas Light (64 Market St), and the Portsmouth Athenaeum (9 Market Sq). Performers in 2018 include David Jones, The Johnson Girls, Tim Eriksen, Anayis Wright, Craig Edwards, Ken Schatz and more. A Saturday evening concert will be held at the First Methodist Church on Miller Ave. This is an all-ages event with audience participation strongly encouraged! Hours Sat. 10:00AM - 10PM, Sun. 1PM - 5:30PM. All events FREE; donations appreciated. For more, visit pmffest.org
  18. Top left of site, "Activity". You can fully customize as well under the "My Activity Streams" option, and create custom streams, depending on your all kinds of variables and what you're interested in. Paul
  19. Thanks Dana! And thanks to you for being such a loyal advertiser! Paul
  20. Okay, all fixed up. Should be working fine now. Paul
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