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Chris Sherburn............

Robin Harrison

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..........just discovered this anglo player in the UK on Youtube; great concertina player.

               Can anybody name this tune ?

                             He does but it is hard to hear what he says.

    It's just lovely tune; does it have snatches of the King of the Fairies  attached below ?

              Music starts at about 1.08.



I think he is paying a Wheatstone anglo with 4 fold  bellows ..........unusual, no ?



King of the Fairies.pdf

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6 hours ago, Peter Laban said:

 Junior Crehan made the hornpipe, based on an existing air. Caoineadh an tSagairt / The Priest's Lament, if I remember correctly.

Thank you Peter for letting us know ! I checked Junior Crehan's CD "The last house in Ballymakea", and found that he relates these two tunes (Caoineadh an tSagairt-The Priest Lament/Caislean an Oir-The Golden Castle) . He also talked about the story of these two in that track but my English hearing ability is not so good that I could not hear well...

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Junior wrote  a parting note before he  died where he said he wanted to laid to rest 'by the side of the chapel, near Cailséan an Óir' .  The line caused a bit of confusion in some people as they got the impression the name referred to the church in Mullagh, where Junior was laid to rest. I remember Kitty Hayes saying after Junior's funeral, that it came as a surprise, as they had always thought the name referred to  castle hill in Doonogan, close to Junior's Bonavilla/Ballymakea home. I think she had been right all along.

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On 11/19/2022 at 12:08 AM, Robin Harrison said:

I think you are right and thank you !

            What a haunting air, eh !

Any comments on the 4 fold bellows ?...........seen it lots on vintage English concertinas but not on a more recent anglo.

    Thanks again.................

Hi Robin,


I attended a workshop Chris ran in Lewes many years ago, thoroughly lovely guy and a wonderful musician! He explained the 4-fold bellows to us, which he had specially reduced. The principal is that the less volume of air the bellows hold, the quicker the instrument will respond to changes in bellows direction. This helps with playing fast and for the quick and light ornamentation Chris employs. In ITM you do see the players hardly using any bellows with the instrument held fairly closed, this is for the same reason I believe.



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Well thank you Paul for the explanation.

                I've never seen 4 folds on an Anglo before so a customization makes sense.............4 folds on vintage English concertinas is common.

        He does come across on any Youtube videos as a nice bloke.

Thanks again



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A lovely tune to play on the concertina. It appears on Chris Sherburn and Findlay Napier's CD 'Two Men On A Boat' titled 'Tender The Cattle', and I suspect the youtube video above cuts off Chris's introduction - possibly should be 'Tender The Cattle With A Lonely Heart'?

I agree that this is 'Caisleán An Óir'  and have not found any other references to 'Tender The Cattle' (yet). I tried working out the tune from Chris's playing and came up with this basic tune:

X: 1
T: Tender The Cattle
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: GDor
D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|GA (3GFD F4|
D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|dGGF GFDC|
D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|G2 GF GFDC|
D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|(3AAG (3GGF G4||
d2 ga b3 a|gfde f3 g/2a/2|gfdc AdcA|dGGF GFDC|
D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|(3AAG (3GGF G4|
d2 ga b3 a|gfde f2 (3fga|gfdc AdcA|G2 GF GFDC|
D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|(3AAG (3GGF G4||


This is a link to the youtube of Chris and Findlay playing the tune: 


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Chris was in concert on Friday Night locally and I really enjoyed his playing as ever. ( featured on Anglo International)). His playing is effortless and plays very softly . He blends in totally with accompaniment with total bellows and air control. Plays with a fan bellows action, which is totally different to me and certainly would not have tired arms at the end of a concert.

Well worth watching ,good fun and lovely to listen to.

Smashing evening.


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