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Lachenal 22 button Miniature Anglo Concertina D/A SOLD


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For sale: Lachenal 22 button D/A miniature Anglo concertina, serial #136493 (1900 ish??)




3.75 inches across the flats!


In top renovated condition!


This is a lovely sounding and playing instrument. 


I think this is the most wonderful miniature concertina in the world. Here is why:


·        It might be the most versatile and playable miniature concertina ever made. Because it has 22 buttons and the D/A equivalent of G#/Bb on the left side and the C#/Eb on the right side it has the potential to play so many more tunes than most other miniatures that often have only 6, 8+ buttons. It seems that even many great concertina players only play a small part of their repertoire on other miniatures because of the limitations of miniatures with smaller note range, but this instrument opens up the potential to play a larger portion of one’s repertoire.


·        It has custom made handles with straps that allow it to be played like larger instruments. This leaves the pinkies free to utilize pushing buttons. Most or all miniatures do not have handles and straps and are held with the thumb and pinky. These handles are also easily removed as any addition or alteration to vintage instruments should be.


·        It has an air button which really helps and is rare in miniatures.


·        The tone is rich and haunting. I really like the D/A tuning because pitch has its own distinctive character without being so high pitched that is enters into the “shrill” realm. It is also nice to play as a contrast to the usual C/G, Bb/F, G/D and other more common tunings.


·        This is believed to have been a one off special order and I believe received all the attention and skill that were given to Lachenal’s top line of instruments.


·        Its size make it even more portable, cute and charming than the standard size instruments. This could almost fit in your pocket and makes it so easy for traveling.


·        It was checked out and renovated/repaired by Bob Snope (formally of The Button Box) two years ago after I acquired it. I had him lighten the spring pressure as much as he could. Bob addressed some small air leaks, replaced the reed pan chamois on both sides, replaced the springs and bad valves, re-tuned the low E to B(at my request), filled a small crack, voiced and tuned all the reeds, and re-glued support posts. He felt the original bellows was in good enough shape not to replace.


·        This instrument was featured and described in Randall Merris’s masterfully researched and informative paper on miniature concertinas “Miniature and Semi-Miniature Concertinas” that was published in the Papers of the International Concertina Association journal, Volume 9, 2012:



Also included are the original Lachenal case, although the instrument does not fit well into it especially with the added handles. See photo

It does include my very sturdy homemade case that is an exact fit with adequete padding but not the most shock absorbing padding. See photo


 Here is a link to a youtube video demonstrations:






PRICE: $3,000.00 US   



Please feel free to ask me questions you may have.












IMG_2325 DA in  Hand.JPG



Lachenal mini case.jpg


Custom mini lachenal case.jpg

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I have seen and played this instrument and it is as wonderful and delightful as Richard describes.


If I didn't play harmonic style and needed all the extra buttons, it would have never made it to this cnet post!



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