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Edeophone on eBay France


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Edeophone Concertina Lachenal & Co. London wc. N° 57529 et Rd. 129 662  


Draguignan, France  




Appears to be an antique dealer based on their other auctions so probably not much more info available.


What do you think?  Potential?


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As  always,  when  something  interesting comes up, this  is  as  far  from  my  home  as  it  is  possible to  travel  and  still be  in France.


What  do  I  think ?  Too  high a starting price  without  much  more information. No  photo  of  lefthand  end.

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23 minutes ago, arti said:

£1400-ish to buy it now.

More info needed but on the face of it..

Shame we're out of Europe .

If  goods  coming   from  UK  to  France is  any  indication  of  the  import  costs  of  buying from  France  to  UK  then  expect  an  additional  £300+

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