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  1. Thank you Sprunghub I’ll have a look
  2. Done it! I got away with a kitchen knife to slide through. My god what a chaos that was! I wonder why would people do this... But the good thing is that it kept the reeds clean and dust-free. It has definitely been touched by someone who is not into cocertinas.
  3. Where can I get the chamois from the same material?
  4. Thanks, definitely the blade will be a safer choice.
  5. Yes I have slid a thin blade and hopefully the glue is not as strong, but I can only reach few centimetres with the blade; there is also glue around the circle in the middle. Thanks for your recommendation, I will try with water first and see what happens. The glue is pretty dry. I might have to remove the reeds first.
  6. Hi everyone, I have just received a Lachenal Anglo Concertina that came all way from Finland, and I’m having a big trouble with it: The reed pan is literally glued to the pad board and I can’t access the chamber side. Someone has put some sort of white glue to the chamois leather of the chamber walls and now it’s stuck to the pad board. On the other ends I can’t even remove the reed pan from the bellows... Has anyone ever come across this problem? I was thinking about using some sort of lubricant but I’m afraid this could affect the wood or the reeds. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks Roger
  7. Hi I’m selling a Lachenal tutor model that I bought a couple of months ago from eBay. Fully restored by Nigel Sture in 2014 including a 6 fold bellows and steel reeds. I finished it up with the key hole bushings. Great condition inside out and tuned to concert pitch. The serial number is 56906, likely from the 20’s? Correct me if I’m wrong. The price is £800, but will consider reasonable offers. Can ship within the UK. Also advertised it on ebay (more photos in there) but I would much rather sell it through this forum and contribute a small percentage than loosing money on ebay fees. Thanks
  8. Paypal, or put it up on ebay. Unfortunately you get fees for selling but it’s the safest method. Be careful with scammers, they usually send fake paypal emails.
  9. Seen them a year ago, I wonder who the real owners are...
  10. rcr27

    German EC

    If anyone is interested I’ll let it go for £200, considering shipping to other countries too.
  11. rcr27

    German EC

    No, there is another Altenburg in Germany.
  12. Yes that’s the one that I bought, I had to do a little work, mainly fixing some sticky buttons as the the springs and levers are not as sophisticated as the vintage. Also had re-polish the ends due to some notorious discolouration on the wood that unfortunately wasn’t visible on the photos, but now it looks great and hopefully plays better than when I received it. To be honest I only bought it to look inside as I also found it very rare. (Based on one of the photos I thought it had bushed holes, but it didn’t) It sounds great, the lower notes sound quite loud, like a baritone treble concertina which makes it great to play chords. A=435 is a lovely pitch definitely.
  13. rcr27

    German EC

    Hi John I really appreciate all the helpful information on your comments, I wasn’t aware of certain things. The only reason I associate this box with the chinese ones are because of the plastic buttons which imo are not desirable at all since the playability isn’t great. I’ve never had or played a bandoneon before, so I had no idea of the characteristics of this instrument; thanks for the information and sure I will edit the description. I myself started with a Hohner english concertina, I can only remember opening it once or twice. As far as I can remember, it didn’t have a reed pan like this german one, instead, there were like 4 pieces folded in (with the reeds inserted). That’s what I meant by ‘foldable structure’. I also had a Gremlin (Stagi) 56 key with the same sort of structure. (Sorry if the description doesn’t make much sense but I cant remember very well!) In terms of sound, certain notes (specially the high notes) sound a little louder than others, I don’t know why this could be. You can’t play very fast with this concertina because of the the plastic buttons and also because the springs are not great quality sprigs such as the vintage english ones. However, the chords sound very nice and I think it would be great for accompanying rather than for solos, but then again is not in modern pitch. Thanks for the information about the pitch and the reeds, I will add it to the description!. Unfortunately, although this concertina is more beautiful than the chinese ones, it’s still far from the quality of the vitange ones made in England. Lately, many Lachenal tutor models have been sold on ebay at around £150-300, which is a relatively cheap price and I haven’t yet received an offer for this one, so I’m afraid I can’t sell it for much higher, which suggests me that there is very little interest on concertinas that are not English-made. Anyways, thanks again for all the useful information!
  14. rcr27

    German EC

    Hi, I just put a ‘rare’ german English Concertina for sale on eBay UK. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/English-Concertina-Made-In-Germany/372816298603?pageci=78ebc945-e124-4c9c-8ff6-e0eab841d936 Can’t really find any information online regarding the manufacturer, if anyone has got any relevant information I could add it to the description. If anyone is interested drop me a message, I would rather deal outside ebay and contribute a percentage to the forum. Thanks
  15. A picture of each would help, I might be interested in the English one.
  16. Interesting, thanks for the information!
  17. This concertina is still available, the orginal price was just under £900 so if anyone is interested I’d be looking at around £800. It’s a great model for learners and experienced players.
  18. Sounds interesting, would be great if you post it on buy&sell section with some pictures.
  19. Hello, does anyone know the name of the song that Valentin Osipov is playing on this video?
  20. Still available and the price has been reduced down to £500, still open to any sensible offer as it needs some reed work. It’s on eBay UK, but I’d rather sell it to someone here and contribute to the forum than pay an eBay fee. PM if interested please. Cheers.
  21. Oh I see I thought it was to do with the concertina market. Thanks for the clarification.
  22. There is a part of the interview where Chris Algar says: “It was around the late 1980s when the concertina boom really started in Ireland and Ireland then took over a greater proportion of my business. The crash of 2008 changed all that. For a couple of years I struggled to find customers and everyone held their breath to see how bad it was going to get“ Could anyone explain me what happened in 2008? I wasn’t into concertinas back then and I’d like to know. Thanks
  23. Just found the exact same listing now on eBay Italy, at 2600€. Tried to contact the seller and didnt get a response. Clearly a scam or someone with a hacked account since the only payment method is “direct bank transfer”. I wonder how eBay allows this... (the concertina does look beautiful though) https://www.ebay.com/itm/English-concertina-Wheatstone-60-key-Aeola-Baritone-extended-upwards/254167106359?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D604adf4dcecc44219a8f77f081d12c1d%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D13%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D141805358721%26itm%3D254167106359&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3Ac8c79016-7802-11e9-9e48-74dbd1804016|parentrq%3Ac1c248c716a0aa66c12ada98ffc292b1|iid%3A1 ☝️This link looks weird as well
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