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Miniature Concertinas To Be Sold


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I am planning to sell several English and Anglo miniature concertinas (and semi-miniatures).

I drafted a long posting,, which disappeared whan I clicked my mouse???? So I plan to be more brief.

The first one is a 12-key Wheatstone English made in in October 1910 and purchased by Sam Aukland in August 1911. Serial No. 25114.

2 3/4 hexagonal ends; raised metal fretwork, metal buttons, steel reeds, riveted action, 8-fold bellows, Original  hard case. Excellent condition. In tune, a litle above A 440.

Recently appraised for $3500 (a bit of a premium because of the provenance). I am selling for $2800 plus shipping/insurance to bring it within the price range of  possibly someone who must pay VAT. I will accept a personal check (US domestic) or bank draftk (foreign). If interested, please send me a personal message and I will share the fine provenance concerning Sam and Betty Aukland and the canary, Little Tweet.



IMG_1988 2.jpg


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32 minutes ago, Stephen Selby said:

Can you explain the difference in the long screws, please?


having mused about that myself I‘ve come to the conclusion that they‘ve been limiting the endbolts/nuts to just three sides, with three complementary woodscrews...

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Stephen and Wolf,

You got it. The liitle dome-head bolts are the end bolts attaching the ends to the bellows, and the little flat-head scews hold the fret plates in place.


Incidentally, in the attached photo you will see that it has little plates for leather thumb straps (plus an extra set of holes for attaching such plates.). Factory-supplied  thumb straps with such plates are common on Wheatstone Anglo miniatures, but rare on English miniatures.  This miniature was the learner instrument for Betty Aukland (note that it is Aukland, not like Auckland, New Zealand). Betty was probably the only professional concertinist who learned on a miniature. Given her small hands, straps probably were in order. But usually an English miniature has no straps and is held between the thumb and little finger of each hand (see Tommy Elliot video at British Pathe). If seated, the left side may rest on the left leg.


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On 5/26/2019 at 4:15 PM, Stephen Selby said:


Another miniature sold, but I can't find how much it was sold for.  Did anybody here collect that information while it was available?


I've been recruited by a friend to find buyers for four English concertinas (I'll have more info in mid-December), and I'm trying to determine reasonable asking prices, especially for two miniatures, a 12-button and an 18-button.  Any and all information on historical sales would be welcome.

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