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What happened to new content?

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It's now called Unread Content at the top right of the 3rd level of menus just beside Mark site read. 


Top level - Browse , Activity - which also gives all posts - Leaderboard

2nd Level Forums Calendar Staff Online users Leaderboard - obviously VERY important

3rd level - Where you are on the site , Unread Content, Mark site read. 


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Recently I have noticed the time period for unread content is set to 365 days when I go there at each login. Though I change it to show unread posts since my last visit, it does not retain this setting, and the next login is back to showing 365 days. Is there any advice on keeping the setting at posts since my last visit?


thank you.


John Wild

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On 5/12/2018 at 2:27 AM, cboody said:

I can’t get to the very useful listing of all things unread that was available.  Where did it go?


Top left of site, "Activity". You can fully customize as well under the "My Activity Streams" option, and create custom streams, depending on your all kinds of variables and what you're interested in. 




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