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  1. I can’t get to the very useful listing of all things unread that was available. Where did it go?
  2. cboody

    Lilypond Vs. Abc?

    Nice summary. Be interested to know what things required you to use Musescore.
  3. cboody

    Cute Lachenal 20-Key Miniature For Sale

    This is the upper part of the keyboard ' starting on the first C on the right side' of a normal 48 treble. Ah! Strange register....
  4. cboody

    Cute Lachenal 20-Key Miniature For Sale

    Err. About that fingering chart.... I think of C being on the left side. Straighten out my thinking please...
  5. Well, part of the issue here is that you selected a relatively low pitch to look at. The preferred length for a given note with a given reed size and thickness gets progressively more problematic as the notes get lower, what’s wanted is a significantly longer reed, which will in turn have issues with speed of response. So, all of the reed lengths are compromises of various sorts. The first tenancy is increased first harmonic, and the next is Increased second harmonicas you see here. I’ve insufficient recollection of the details of vibration of concertina reeds to-provide chapter and verse, but if you want to prove your thesis I’d suggest trying A4 and perhaps some other notes. You may be correct for the given note, but incorrect for the instrument in general.
  6. Contact Greg Jowaisas in Covington KY. He might. Tunes concertina reeded instruments beautifully.
  7. cboody

    Frank Butler, Concertina Mini-Tunes

    I think the error is in the reader on the iPad, jot your transcription. Checking will have to wait. My wife is suddenly hospitalized.
  8. cboody

    Frank Butler, Concertina Mini-Tunes

    Might have been the &. I'll Take You Home Again...reads. Speaking of which there appears to be an error in measure nine voice two. I didn't check carefully. Got to crash.
  9. cboody

    Frank Butler, Concertina Mini-Tunes

    Thanks for this effort Pete. Will you make a single abc file available when you finish? If so I'll be happy to make a completed book (PDF) with a table of contents and cover. Incidentally you might like to know your transcription won't work on either of the common iPad abc programs. Not because you are wrong but because they are incomplete in their capabilities!
  10. Not a new thing. I think there are references in passing to this in my 1977 dissertation, though that work dealt with non compositional use of the computer. I know that a couple of college kids did a similar thing creating "Bach" chorales using the probability information in one of the standard harmony books, because I helped with it. Still, an interesting project, and one that I hope continues to develop. Can the program, in the future, produce Scottish or Cape Breton tunes distinguishable from Irish?
  11. cboody

    Sea Songs And Shanties

    Excellent question, and one to which I don't know the answer! For whatever reason I just failed to think of it and include it. I blame the editor. And publisher. Oh wait, that's me. Sorry about that. I do know the reason why "Chicken on a Raft" and "Grey Funnel Line" were not included - the music publishing company that now owns the rights to Cyril's songs wanted way too much money for print permission and they also insisted on such a lengthy citation for each song that there would have been precious little room left for the music or the words in this small pocket-sized format. I would have loved to include Eric Idle's "Accountancy Shanty", but figured chasing the copyright permission would have been way too difficult. I obviously should have spent more time thinking about the traditional public domain songs instead! Gary Sounds a lot like me. Some things missing from my collections for the same reasons...including copyright. And yes Jim I've seen it called a capstan chanty, but I've also seen folks who claim it isn't.
  12. cboody

    Sea Songs And Shanties

    Looks like a fine collection. Bravo. Curiosity impells: How did you decide to leave Shenandoah out? Granted it is really not a shanty, but neither are some of those included. This is NOT a criticism, I'm genuinely interested in your decision making. I've run into similar issues with collections I've done.
  13. cboody

    Wolverton Concertinas: Full Review

    Thanks for this. As an EC player I'd certainly love to see what he might do with that layout. The reeds seem much less accordion like than other instruments I have heard, but that impression is based on long term memories which are notoriously inaccurate.
  14. cboody

    Line Numbers In Easyabc

    What computer and version of EasyABC?