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Rock´n Roll Concertina Preview


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Stefan, you are outstanding among concertina players, truly an innovator with your use of the instrument. Is there anyone else in the world doing anything like what you are doing? I know of none. Perhaps you may inspire some younger players to experiment with their concertinas and their music.

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OMG, the MacCann can really rock! Awesome sound. Electrifying. Also love the filming, and the hat, and the flames on the pedal boards!


Great performance, and what great creativity, imagination and musicianship.


Now I want to get all my concertinas hot-rodded and tricked out too!








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Wow, thank you so much for the stunning comments. After all I´m just exploring what is possible for me and the instrument, like so many concertina players. And everyone is unique. Like Adrian and Susanna with Dappers Delight are one of a kind and you too Steve. I finally got your CD and I like it very much, it has a nice touch from Down Under.

And Adrian - I´m glad you like it. Thank you so much for your help. And it would be very cool to see you again but I guess you won´t come to the German Concertina Meeting?

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