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Naked Concertina ... What The... Problem..

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Are you talking about Jody Kruskal's CD? If so, it's a great recording with lots of good tunes. "Naked" refers to the fact that it is concertina only- no other instruments on the CD. And it's a bit tongue-in-cheek. I would say that Jody does as much as anyone to raise awareness of concertina as a respectable musical instrument. As far as giving the concertina community a bad name, I think that's a bit of a stretch. IMHO, the concertina community doesn't have much of a reputation of any kind with most members of the general public ^_^

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Are you talking about Jody Kruskal's CD?...


Is that what it's about? I couldn't for the life of me work out what it was about...


Keep it up Mr. Kruskal, keep it up, if you'll pardon the expression...


I just typed 'naked concertina' into Google and had a look at the images - oh, how I larfed...




PS: Will JK be bringing supplies of his pornographic CD to sell on his 2017 tour of the UK?

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Hi Voomy, so sorry that my silliness has caused you distress. You just go tell those scoffers that actually, I'm wearing boxers... it's just a gag... really.



Hey, The people I was with last night were just jackasses. plain and clear. That on top of a bad day.... I turned into the jackass to you.


at any rate, that IS one of the best things about concertina, that we tend to be the eccentric type :)



I do give you an apology for this though. you didn't deserve it.


maybe a moderator can delete the post.

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actually you do deserve it.


Regardless, off that topic.


Are you spreading ur pornograhic Cds everywhere? ;D ;)



and even more off topic. you look better with white hair. Remember. with wisdom comes.... I guess... i dont really know :P

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Are you spreading ur pornograhic Cds everywhere? ;D ;)




"Naked Concertina" is my first solo CD and it's certainly been spread around, though quite thinly, thank you.


If it's porn you want, you will have to look elsewhere, though I have been known to do saucy and even suggestive. Sometimes if the song is good enough, I've been willing to approach objectionable. Still, I pride myself on flirting with the salacious without wholly crossing over to songs that are just plain vulgar, rude smut, rugby raunch or (heavens forbid) girl-guide naughty.


Since "Naked" came out 10? years ago, I've made six more CDs. All of them gems.

  • "Cool Tunes" is much like "Naked" in that they are both solo instrumental recordings of my original dance tunes, all available in print.
  • Then came "Liza Jane" - mostly Old Time tunes and songs with my playing buddies here from the NYC dance music scene.
  • "Paul & Jody" is a very traditional sounding CD of American tunes and songs with one of my favorite fiddlers.
  • "Concertina Boy" is mostly silly and suggestive songs with a few instrumentals. A large cast of musicians helps me out with this effort.
  • "Concertina Valentine" is all songs ranging from the tasty to the tasteless. A larger cast of musicians helps me out with this one.
  • "Waiting for the Boatsman" is my latest, just out, with the amazing Tennessee fiddler Luke Richardson. Old Time tunes only, no songs.


See and listen to samples of the whole shebang right here: http://jodykruskal.com/buy_stuff.html

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RAc - Could this be an Americanism unfamiliar to you?


Definition of shebang

  1. : everything involved in what is under consideration —usually used in the phrase the whole shebang



I thought so. There's lots of synonyms for that spiel as far as I know. However, a more literal translation of this particular instance might, uhm, cause similar objections as the one that started this thread...


Apologies, but Jim's absence forced me to undig the pun potential myself (although he does it a lot better than me, and this one bears more raunchyness than he, being much more of a gentleman, would jump on).


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