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Simon Thoumire And Ian Carr Live Video Recorded On The Isle Of Sky

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Thanks for sharing this Simon, I had a quick squizz and realized I've a major entertainment event for later in my day. Over an hour of you guys playing, fantastic. Pity about the jokes being cut out, now I'll just have to be satisfied with some boring concer playing (just joking).


I would love to see yourself and Ian live but it would be twenty hours on a plane and some thousands of dollars. Have you thought about touring Australia (and NZ). I'm not sure how economic it would be but hopefully you could cover costs. Brian Peters is appearing at our National Folk Festival in Canberra this Easter, maybe have a word with him about touring. You'd have to be on the ball about applying for NFF. Applications are in June only (one month!) for the following year. You'd certainly pick up other gigs around the country.


Sooner or later I'll have to catch up face to face.



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Thanks guys. It was great to play a gig every night - something I never do anymore! It's amazing how the fingers get fitter with every gig. This was the 7th gig in the tour and I personally felt there was always another level that could be achieved if needed. My concertina felt 'greased up' although it also had the feeling of about to break! I need to do more!

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