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  1. Hey guys, sorry I missed this. I can't remember the book but possibly the one that Jack mentioned. We also got the first tune in the set - Bonny Lass of Fisherrow - from there as well. Love in a Village is a strange tune and its really interesting to read the info above. Re bashing - you can say that about me all you like Jack - can't beat a good bash! Dave Milligan though is one of the most beautiful and lyrical musicians I've ever played wth. He can do anything and also likes a good bash! You can hear him her on a track on soundcloud I upload which has over 400,000 streams (not my usual upload popularity!) https://soundcloud.com/simonthoumire/freedom-come-all-ye
  2. I was planning a track to record this week when the The East Neuk of Fife sprang to mind from J. Scott Skinner’s ‘The Harp and Claymore’ Collection. I was just going though the variations when I noticed the tempo – 136bpm! It is ridiculous. I actually think it is too fast – I preferred 130bpm but in homage to the great man and composer here it is at 136 ? You can hear and watch it here. http://simonthoumire.com/the-east-neuk-of-fife-at-136bpm/
  3. Hi folks, Here's a wee track I recorded last week. It's an air from a string quintet I've just written. I don't usually play a lot of chords as I never feel too comfortable but there is a few in here. I always worry that I play the same chords all the time as well! Hey ho... http://simonthoumire.com/as-yet-untitled/ Here's the air in context with the string quintet. http://youtu.be/AqySm1RgW5o
  4. Thanks guys. It was great to play a gig every night - something I never do anymore! It's amazing how the fingers get fitter with every gig. This was the 7th gig in the tour and I personally felt there was always another level that could be achieved if needed. My concertina felt 'greased up' although it also had the feeling of about to break! I need to do more!
  5. Thanks Steve :-) I haven't been over to Australia since 2002 but hopefully I'll make it when the kids are older!
  6. Hi there, This video was recorded at our concert on 4th March 2016 on the beautiful Isle of Skye! I’ve cut out all the chat and applause (where possible) so if you are looking for the jokes (and not many people are) then come and see us live :-) https://youtu.be/dEOdGw_fM9g
  7. Good luck to concertina player Mohsen Amini who is competing in the finals of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award this Sunday 31st January. You can listen in to him on the BBC iPlayer - Radio Scotland from 5pm - 8pm worldwide. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radioscotland
  8. Hi All, here is some music I made with BA students in Irish World Academy of Music and Dance last week. Features lots of instruments including 3 anglos. https://soundcloud.com/simonthoumire/sets/limerick-october-2015 Here is a stupid one I did a couple of weeks back featuring solo concertina https://soundcloud.com/simonthoumire/four-in-a-row-plus-1
  9. It takes a lot longer to make a video than an audio file and upload to soundcloud than a video to youtube so I would reckon that melodeon players have a lot more time than us concertina players. Maybe concertina players are more employable (in all walks of life)...
  10. Sandy Bell's Bar (Forrest Hill Road) has sessions all the time. As Jack says Captain's Bar is good. You could always do a floor spot at Edinburgh / Leith Folk Clubs. In Glasgow there are quite a few sessions. Ben Nevis bar on Argyll Street (fast Scottish session). Also Waxy's on a Sunday afternoon.
  11. I think a metal ended instrument is better for solo work or when you need to be heard. Wooden ends are more mellow and possibly better in band settings or when played with voice.
  12. I think if you are buying either of the above you should plan to quickly move on up to a real concertina (is that controversial??). I see a few people with them and in the main they are disappointed when they see others on better instruments which help them move forward quicker. I understand it is cost related though and yes they will give you an idea of what playing a concertina is like.
  13. Why not I say! https://soundcloud.com/simonthoumire/all-thumbs
  14. My advice for bellows control is to keep it smooth. Practice by playing scales going in and out of the bellows. Try not and change the volume as you play - nice and steady. If you play lightly enough (on an 8 bellow concertina) you should be able to go up and down a few times on one bellow with practice. Doing this helps you learn about bellow's pressure and how you can vary it to get different volumes.
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