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Selling Advice Wanted


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I have a beautiful Tedrow Anglo G/C aeola concertina, 31 buttons. It sounds and plays great and is in

excellent condition except for a couple of slight cosmetic dings on the wood edge. I need to sell it

as I have ordered another more expensive concertina and can't keep both.

I placed my "for sale" ad on this site on Sept. 5 and have had almost 400 views, but not a single

reply. What am I doing wrong? Any helpful suggestions appreciated.


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Edit the ad to include photos, as Jim has observed. If you already have photos, upload them.You need to click the "More Reply Options" button to see the uploading function below the reply box. Check the size of each photo because you're only allotted around 2MB space. You may need to resize them. I've found 200KB and a width 4"–6" works well. Show each side as clearly as you can. Show a photo of the case if it has one. Describe the keyboard system. Is it Jeffries, Wheatstone or something else?

Click here to find more information on posting.

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You might want to reconsider limiting shipping to the US only.


Edit: I see that you have changed shipping to US/Canada only. There are a lot more Anglo players in the UK and Ireland than there are in North America and the USPS will deliver to them. If you are worried about customs and duties then that problem occurs at the receiving end. You do not have to pay any duties or taxes, all you have to do is to declare its value on a simple form. The same form that you use when sending to Canada.

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Ebay is probably your best bet. I similarly listed a lachenal duet here and had only a few people pm'd me.


I have now put it on ebay and have had bids already. It might end up being sold on the cheap side but i guess its only really worth what the market is willing to pay for it.

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