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  1. Hi StuJanis, Just learned that the Palestine, TX gathering will be having a concertina group, taught by Jody Kruskal. I too have been looking for a summer course (anglo, thus Irish) and Jody teaches old-time/american tunes as far as I know. For more info, email Dan Worrall danworrall@msn.com You should check out Swanannoa Gathering Celtic Week in July 2015. Grainne Hambly teaches concertina there. Kay PS Ken - Looking forward to the summer school list!
  2. Thanks, Theo & Don!
  3. Thanks very much, guys. I have added a few pictures and edited the text. I appreciate your input!
  4. I have a beautiful Tedrow Anglo G/C aeola concertina, 31 buttons. It sounds and plays great and is in excellent condition except for a couple of slight cosmetic dings on the wood edge. I need to sell it as I have ordered another more expensive concertina and can't keep both. I placed my "for sale" ad on this site on Sept. 5 and have had almost 400 views, but not a single reply. What am I doing wrong? Any helpful suggestions appreciated.
  5. I'm looking for notes to a tune called Moving Home. Caitlin nic Gabhann played it for her class recently in E. Durham. I believe I understood the title correctly, but can't find it anywhere on the net. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  6. Hi Jeff, I, too, started (a year and a half ago) on the Rochelle. I rented one from Button Box for 3 months, then found and purchased a wonderful Tedrow on ebay... what a jewel! The tutor arriving with the Rochelle was great... then I worked through the Mick Bramich book, which was also great. Last April, I responded to a query (posted on this website) looking for people (beginners) who would be interested in "testing/trying out" various chapters of this tutor as it was being written/edited. I had a wonderful and enlightening time reading the text, learning the tunes and giving feedback to the author. The book was published this past December ... and I want to recommend it to you now, as you begin your concertina journey. It is perhaps best used after the Rochelle tutor and before Mick's book. It's called The Concertina Diaries: Discovering the language of the concertina in Irish music, by Heather Greer (Co. Galway, Ireland). It is available at: www.IrishTunebook.com or www.DustyBanjos.com Happy squeezing! Kay
  7. maybe we should name a date, time and place somewhere between the east coast and Lancaster, PA and see who shows up?
  8. Oh yes, t'would be nice! I know there are others out there ... but where are they?
  9. I am interested in meeting with other concertina players/trad musicians around and in my area: Lancaster, York, Reading, PA Please contact me if you know of a local meet up or are interested in beginning one.
  10. Hi Bill, Thanks, I'd like to receive more sound files. kstrosnider916@comcast.net
  11. Hello Bill, Is your Edgley still available? Let me know. Kay
  12. Hello Marcus, Yes, I have seen and tried The Concertina Diaries: Discovering the language of the concertina in Irish music by Heather Greer. I responded to Heather's request (on concertina.net some time ago) to read over and try out chapters/tunes in her book as they evolved, and I can tell you that this book is a wonderful new tutor for beginners (and intermediates!) Heather's 'diary', written as she learned to play the anglo concertina, is thoughtful, well-written and leaves nothing to chance or the imagination, as some tutors do... and the 47 tunes included are well-chosen and sequential. I am self-taught as well, and surely wish I had had the benefit of this tutor back then!
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