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  1. Hi StuJanis, Just learned that the Palestine, TX gathering will be having a concertina group, taught by Jody Kruskal. I too have been looking for a summer course (anglo, thus Irish) and Jody teaches old-time/american tunes as far as I know. For more info, email Dan Worrall danworrall@msn.com You should check out Swanannoa Gathering Celtic Week in July 2015. Grainne Hambly teaches concertina there. Kay PS Ken - Looking forward to the summer school list!
  2. Thanks, Theo & Don!
  3. Thanks very much, guys. I have added a few pictures and edited the text. I appreciate your input!
  4. I have a beautiful Tedrow Anglo G/C aeola concertina, 31 buttons. It sounds and plays great and is in excellent condition except for a couple of slight cosmetic dings on the wood edge. I need to sell it as I have ordered another more expensive concertina and can't keep both. I placed my "for sale" ad on this site on Sept. 5 and have had almost 400 views, but not a single reply. What am I doing wrong? Any helpful suggestions appreciated.
  5. I'm looking for notes to a tune called Moving Home. Caitlin nic Gabhann played it for her class recently in E. Durham. I believe I understood the title correctly, but can't find it anywhere on the net. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  6. Hi Jeff, I, too, started (a year and a half ago) on the Rochelle. I rented one from Button Box for 3 months, then found and purchased a wonderful Tedrow on ebay... what a jewel! The tutor arriving with the Rochelle was great... then I worked through the Mick Bramich book, which was also great. Last April, I responded to a query (posted on this website) looking for people (beginners) who would be interested in "testing/trying out" various chapters of this tutor as it was being written/edited. I had a wonderful and enlightening time reading the text, learning the tunes and giving feed
  7. maybe we should name a date, time and place somewhere between the east coast and Lancaster, PA and see who shows up?
  8. Oh yes, t'would be nice! I know there are others out there ... but where are they?
  9. I am interested in meeting with other concertina players/trad musicians around and in my area: Lancaster, York, Reading, PA Please contact me if you know of a local meet up or are interested in beginning one.
  10. Hi Bill, Thanks, I'd like to receive more sound files. kstrosnider916@comcast.net
  11. Hello Bill, Is your Edgley still available? Let me know. Kay
  12. Hello Marcus, Yes, I have seen and tried The Concertina Diaries: Discovering the language of the concertina in Irish music by Heather Greer. I responded to Heather's request (on concertina.net some time ago) to read over and try out chapters/tunes in her book as they evolved, and I can tell you that this book is a wonderful new tutor for beginners (and intermediates!) Heather's 'diary', written as she learned to play the anglo concertina, is thoughtful, well-written and leaves nothing to chance or the imagination, as some tutors do... and the 47 tunes included are well-chosen and seque
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