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  1. Sorry about the delay with pictures i will put them up later today. If anyone is interested send me a Pm.
  2. For sale is a wally Carroll concertina C/G Please click link to see original advert Better pictures to follow http://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/carroll-concertina/8766876?offset=6
  3. I also just thought that the 'C' was there and would show if cleaned. Never knew a Jeffries was made with just a Jeffries stamp.
  4. Ebay is probably your best bet. I similarly listed a lachenal duet here and had only a few people pm'd me. I have now put it on ebay and have had bids already. It might end up being sold on the cheap side but i guess its only really worth what the market is willing to pay for it.
  5. If it was an exceptionally good instrument, I would agree it was worth it.
  6. Hello Folks, As stated in the add title, I am on the lookout for an early wheatstone linota. Anything with a serial number pre 33,000. Willing to pay top money up to any amount (7,000 pounds). Please send me a pm if anybody knows of anything.
  7. Hammer price including buyers commission adds up to a total price of 4,400 pounds or about 5,550 euro. The one listed in the add has an asking price of 6,000 euro. A difference of a little under 10 %.
  8. http://www.donedeal.ie/keyboards-for-sale/jeffries-concertina/7291084 This is a 38 button C.Jeffries for sale here in Ireland, the same model as the one sold at the auction today. Fully Refurbished and in C/G, It has been advertised for over a month or...two and the seller said it is still for sale. I would imagine that would be a better playing instrument??
  9. Yes lovely playing. Tony is a great concertina player.
  10. I'm guessing 20% will have to be added to the hammer price? I don't understand how people are playing this sort of money for a concertina. Considering you can now buy many very good new makes without requiring refurbishment for less such as Wally Carroll, Suttner, etc. Having said that the tone is probably not as good as a Jeffries.
  11. Is the c.jeffries model more sought after than praed street? Also does anyone have any idea what key this concertina is?
  12. How much do you think it will go? Does anybody know how much a jeffries concertina is selling for these days?
  13. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Lachenal-Macann-Duet-Concertina-/121448034248 I have listed this on ebay.
  14. Concertina22


    Do you have a dipper for sale?
  15. Can somebody please advise me what the value of this concertina is?
  16. 21 buttons on the left side. 25 buttons on the right side. Concertina is located in ireland. Needs new handle straps. Concertina appears in tune, but has not been played in 10 years.
  17. Listed for sale is a lachenal duet concertina. All notes seem to be playing well when buttons are pressed. However, Concertina would need minor refurbishment. Bellows appears to be airtight when pressed. Not really sure what duet concertinas are worth as I am an anglo concertina player myself. So open to offers and recommendations Thanks
  18. Does this concertina have a c.jeffries maker stamp? If not i would presume it is a crabb concertina?
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