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Does anybody know how many baby/mini 20-key concertinas Lachenal made? And when?

Perhaps you could clarify what you mean Ernie ?


If it were 20 key Anglos then the answer is 'countless' numbers....



I suspect he means the "Miniature Newly-improved" concertinas advertised in this price list, also listed in some other strictly Lachenal price lists (e.g., this one) without mention of actual dimensions.


Another answer to his question, though, is that we have no way of knowing, as there are no known surviving records and Lachenal didn't have separate serial number runs for different models of anglo.


Note, though, that those lists indicate not just 20-key "miniatures", but up to 30 keys. Also note that these were somewhat smaller than normal but still much larger than the novelty "miniatures" of various systems with ends of 3½" or less.


Ernie, why did you ask? Have you come across one?

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Here is my 26 button Lachenal "mini". It is 5.25" across the flats. The brochure you linked to, Jim,lists a 26 button smaller instrument as 5.5" accross the flats. I believe this one is from around 1900.


It is very light and It really plays easily and is quick. The tone is sweet but I would say not quite as subtle as other concertinas I have played. It is a neat little box.


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Lachenal did not produce many small-bodied concertinas. My database for Anglo Lachenals (currently, 2594 entries) has only 16 small-bodied Anglos: six 20-key Anglos, one 22-key Anglo, two 26-key Anglos, and seven 30-key Anglos. In addition, there is one true miniature Anglo--3 3/4 inches across the metal ends, 22 keys, in D/A.

The database includes one small-bodied English system--a 48 key piccolo. All of these concertinas except the 3 3/4" miniature have wood ends.

On small-bodied concertinas, see Randall C. Merris, "Miniature and Semi-Miniature Concertinas," Papers of the International Concertina Association, 9 (2012), pp. 8-39.

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For the record, there are two true Lachenal miniature anglos 3 3/4 inches across. The first:


And the second:


Both are now in marvelous condition, restored and highly playable, in key of D/A, with brand new 9 and 10 fold bellows, and owned by me. 

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