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Concertina Sighting


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Spotted this concertina today in the Musée de la Bataille des Ardennes/Museum of the Battle of the Ardennes (La Roche en Ardenne, Belgium).



One of the sets I play is all WWI tunes. One of which is Lilly Marlene. I bet that is what this soldier is playing.



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The guy with the machine gun seems to be aiming for him. :o :ph34r:


It looks to me like he is aiming at the other instrument parked on the window ledge, possibly a melodeon?


The "instrument" on the ledge appears to be a set of German mess-tins, the "machine gun" is actually a device for assembling loose ammunition into linked belts for use in machine guns. At least it's right side up!

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The ship captain in Prometheus, in theaters now, plays what appears to be a very nice English.



Yup, and he claims it belonged to Stephen Stills of Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young. I wonder if Stills ever really owned one. It would be a bizarre thing to make up, but I can't find any reference to him playing one.



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I'm embarrassed to say that I saw an anglo being pumped (couldn't say played) in Anne of Green Gables (193?) film the other day

i'm also embarrassed that I couldn't spell embarrassed so I had to look embarrassed up in the dictionarysad.gif


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Miniature EC spotted today in a world war two film "The password is courage". Brittish film about prisoners of war, with Dirk Bogarde. Channel Four ,Televison.

About half an hour into the film is a concert scene with three musicians and in the centre is the player of the Miniature,and he is playing it. I think it could be Tommy Elliot ?


Several other good scenes with the Miniature but no cast of actors at the end....

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I caught "The Admirable Crighton" last night, starring Kenneth More as the title character.

A framing scene has a foppish dandy manipulating the bellows of an unidentified concertina (not playing...God forbid-that was a PA!) for a group of fat cats aboard ship.

The ship immediately sank.

Draw your own conclusions dry.gif


Fun movie, tho.


Cheers, RB

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