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Concertina Sighting


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No fishnets= -3 points (Should be more but I'm trying to be fair)


No fishnets??


Zoom that up to the full size one more time and tell me if you're sure.


And she's playing an English too! :)


Patrick - zooming in to look at the concertina, not the fishnets...

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I'll not apologise, but, it was not my intention to offend anyone. My sense of humor can be a little kiltered.

I'm sure she may have been someone's mother and surely someone's daughter as with the gentleman possibly being someone's father and certainly someone's son. These people were intertainers and obviously leaned toward the comedianic side of show business. Although they are most probably not around anymore, I believe they would have seen my remarks as humor and probably shot them right back at me, at least that's what I would expect from them. It's too bad everyone can't take life that way.

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ps what's nithering?


Nithering = bitter, finger freezing sub zero temperatures. biggrin.gif The weatherman on the local BBC TV/Radio will often refer to 'a nithering wind'

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