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  1. Check out my Tune Of The Month, posted for October!!! 


    @ www.concertinachick.com



  2. www.concertinachick.com for my TUNE OF THE MONTH FOR SEPTEMBER!!!  Check it out!!!




    Florence Fahy

  3. Hello all, My name is Florence Fahy. I am an anglo concertina player from Co. Clare. I am teaching with over 15 years. I come from a background of music that is steeped in the Clare style of concertina playing. My father played, grandfather and his father before him... If you are interested in lessons, I am based in Boston, MA and I am available for in person lessons or Skype lessons to those of you living in Boston but I am also available to those of you who live in different States or countries via Skype too. I have many different levels of students currently from all over the USA and I really enjoy helping them improve and grow and learn. I have a flexible schedule and I can work with whatever is suitable for both of us. If you would like to hear and see more about me please check out my website: www.concertinachick.com On my website I also post a tune of the month for you to learn so if not lessons then just go check out my tunes!!!! I hope you have fun learning them! Thanks for checking me out! Florence Fahy
  4. Check out my tune of the month for August!!! It is live and reeling... Enjoy this lovely tune! Also this month there is a link to Aine Hensey's Raidio na Gaeltachta show "Draiocht An Consairtin" where she featured my performance from "Consairtin" festival in Ennis this past April. I have a Facebook video of the performance as well and I am joined by the fantastic Garry O'Briain on mandecello and my student Niamh McGillicuddy joins me for a tune!! Check it out!!!!! www.concertinachick.com The Foggy Morning Jig.mp3
  5. I was very lucky to be asked to open this years Thursday night concert at the Consairtin Festival in Ennis this past April. I played a few tracks from my new album "Tunes From The Flaggy Shore" and of course I had the great Garry O Bhriain as my accompaniment. A master to say the least. Enjoyed it thoroughly!!!! hup!!! Click on the link below to see a clip of my performance!!! Don't forget to check out my new tune of the month: www.concertinachick.com https://www.facebook.com/carmel.fahy.319/videos/347984942766916/
  6. Check out my tune of the month for July! Late coming but better late than never! Definitely worth the look this month guys! A really really great tune composed by a fantastic fiddle/flute player!! A real legend!! You won't want to miss this and learn about a real legend if you didn't already know about him. Here is the link to my website to find out about lessons, tunes and to find out about me! www.concertinachick.com Thanks for checking it out all, Florence Fahy
  7. Check out my tune of the month for July! Late coming but better late than never! Definitely worth the look this month guys! A really really great tune composed by a fantastic fiddle/flute player!! A real legend!!


    Check out my website:  www.concertinachick.com

    My email is :  flo_fahy@hotmail.com or check me out on Facebook @Florence Fahy

  8. Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed the music. The Old Wheatstone is very reliable and can't seem to find a concertina that can even compare to the sound that comes out of this old one ;-)
  9. It looks like it is in beautiful condition. What would the action be like? Do you play yourself? A sound sample would be great.
  10. Hello everybody, I'd like to celebrate with you all on here the release of my new CD "Tunes From The Flaggy Shore". Traditional Irish Music on the concertina from Co. Clare. I am so proud to dedicate this CD to my wonderful parents who have supported and encouraged my musical journey from the start. To my lovely family, my sisters and brother, my aunts, uncles, cousins, niece, nephews. To my lovely husband Chris, who has always encouraged my music and made sure I booked the r...

  11. Tunes From the Flaggy Shore - Florence Fahy's debut album Irish traditional music on the concertina from Co. Clare. Available on CD Baby, Custys music shop and Custy's online www.custysmusic.com You can also contact Florence: e-mail flo_fahy@hotmail.com if you'd like your copy or interested in concertina lessons in person or on Skype. All levels catered for and a fun, laid back approach to learning is encouraged! ;-) Check out Florence's website : www.concertinachick.com to learn more about her and her music. A new tune of the month is posted every month for anyone to learn and help build your repertoire! Click on the link below to hear a little interview with Flo and Joan Hanrahan, recorded at this years Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann in Ennis 2017. https://youtu.be/kajI6tVpv8w https://youtu.be/HpSNnHy8hK4 A clip Florence did for John O Connor for Custy's Music Shop in Ennis, Co. Clare If you'd like to hear more snippets of the album "Tunes From The Flaggy Shore" just click on the following link: https://florencefahy.hearnow.com
  12. Hello Michael.. It seems that some people that have a MAC computer are having problems with the guestbook. Do you have a MAC? The website is going great thank you! Please share it with as many musicians as you know!!! Thank you!
  13. Check out this new website by Clare concertina player Florence Fahy! www.concertinachick.com My link
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