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  1. Is there anything in particular you used to clean the buttons?
  2. Alex, sounds like the dream trip for a concertina enthusiast!!! Where did you try that many Jeffries? Seems like they are far and few between these days
  3. Ya I looked at the Dipper's website but couldn't see any mention of price or waiting time - has anyone on here dealt with the Dippers recently or would have an idea? Thanks
  4. Pgidley - I haven't had the opportunity to see or play a Dipper before! I've heard fantastic things about the Dipper concertinas though - would you rate it highly?
  5. Alex - Yes exactly, that’s my understanding!
  6. From the Irish perspective though VAT would be chargeable on vintage instruments at 13.5% on imports from outside the EU - so would be costly!
  7. Thanks very much Jake - surprised the wait time is only 1 year!
  8. Thanks Jake for your input here. Having considered all of the comments here I think I'm slightly swaying towards a Suttner now. Also, I think the import duty will dissuade me from buying a Jeffries from the UK or the US! Anyone any ideas on the current wait time for a new Suttner or would I be better getting one secondhand?
  9. Jim - thanks for your input! Interesting point you make re "mediocre" Jeffries- I suppose this is only something you would know by playing them! Is it standard practice to open up a concertina and take a look inside when purchasing or will you solely know from playing it whether it is a good one or not? I would tend to agree with your statement that one would expect less variation among Suttners - I was researching the different models, A1,A2,A3 - just wondering has anyone on here played all or any of them and would have any suggestions. Hoping to get a 30 key this time given I already have a 38 key anglo.
  10. Hi there... Just wondering how people would rate the Suttner concertinas (say an A2 30 key c/g anglo) made nowadays to the vintage Jeffries concertinas? I'm thinking of changing my current concertina, but haven't played either before and given Covid it may be sometime before I can get out and actually meet prospective sellers. Also, has the price of the Suttner concertinas remained the same over the last number of years? - I know at one point people were selling them secondhand for a bit more than the catalogue price as there was such a long 4-5 year of a waiting list. All comments welcome! Thank you.
  11. I'm thinking of buying a Jeffries but I can't understand why they are so expensive. Has anyone out there actually paid more than £6000 for a Jeffries? I know some dealers sell their top ones for £7000. Don't you think that this is a little bit of a stretch?
  12. Thanks Greg. Wow they are fine looking concertinas.
  13. A trip to Manchester is quite possible for me. I just want to know in advance people's thoughts on the best Jeffries so when I'm there I know what to look out for.
  14. I play a c/g Crabb myself…I just want a change and a better instrument. It's a 38 key so that's probably what I would be looking for in a Jeffries.
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