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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions. After watching some YouTube videos and enlisting my husband's help we opened up the concertina. Nothing obviously wrong with the reed.  No lint, etc. Need a different screw diver to remove reed (doesn't just slide out) but for now will live with it as I don't need to use the notes for that button.

    Can you buy new reeds?

    Will probably try to get to Button Box in the Spring!

    1. Don Taylor

      Don Taylor

      I hope that your need of a different screwdriver is not because you think you should undo the clamp that holds the actual reed in its shoe.  If so then do not do it.


      Assuming the Suttner is concertina reeded then the shoe will slide out, but it may need quite a bit of force the first time.  (Also, I am assuming that you have pulled the reed pan out of the bellows frame?  If not, then no, you cannot slide the reed shoes out of the reed pan.  Plus, you cannot check the valve for the reed in question because it is on the inside of the reed pan).


      Before you do anything more to this concertina, I recommend that you buy Dave Elliot's book - https://www.amazon.com/Concertina-Maintenance-Manual-David-Elliott/dp/1899512675


      BTW.  It is more usual to post your questions in a new topic rather than in a status update.

    2. beryl


      Thank you for all your advice. Pulled out the reed shoe  and put it back in and Success!

  2. After waiting almost 2 years I got a  new  Suttner anglo concertina CG Banner model the beginning of December 2020

    All was well until last week.When I pressed the left upper row C#/D# all I heard was a muffled , out of tune noise. The concertina has not been dropped or otherwise mistreated. I'm guessing a problem with the reed? No one near who can fix this. I live in Northern New England USA so nearest option is The Button Box in Massachusets - a 8 hour round trip drive. I'm uncomfortable mailing the instrument in the winter weather .

    My question is whether I risk causing more damage or problems if I continue to play the other buttons until I can get this repaired?          


    1. PaddyLosty


      Hello, this is a pretty normal issue that you're bound to run into again, and is easily fixed. Just take the end off, slide the reed out of its dovetail position, then slide it back in place. That should be enough to solve the issue. Its likely due to the change in humidity with the cold weather. 


      Hope that helps.

    2. LateToTheGame


      If there is nothing rattling around inside, I'd guess the shoe or valve has slipped or you have just picked up a bit of dust. 


      The dust may sort itself out.  I had a bit of dust moving from one reed to another at one point in a nice new Dipper that eventually stopped on its own. 


      Taking apart the concertina is not as scary as it sounds.  But I have done it so seldom I'm not the person to walk you through.


      Some details an expert might forget to mention though:  Find a screw driver that fits the slot of the brass screw precisely.  One too big or too small will more likely bunge up the screw or the concertina. Put a terry towel down on the table to protect both your concertina and the table surface.   And have a cup or small container on hand to put the screws in. 


      These are details the more experienced might take for granted.   Lots of folks don't work much taking things apart, so if you aren't familiar with screwdrivers find something around the house to practice on. Maybe loosen the knobs on your kitchen cabinets and tighten them back down again if this is something you don't do often.  Lefty Loosey - Righty Tighty as my dad used to say. 


      The screws that hold the concertina together are likely to be very finely threaded long brass ones.   A finely threaded screw takes quite a few turns as each turn will only move the screw a tiny bit. 


      If this is scary you could check with a guitar or woodwind repaired and see if they were game with the proper instruction.  


      As for the proper instruction send out an SOS in the construction and repair forum.


      Good Luck!

    3. Oberon


      I encounter this a lot, as my concertina has no dust screen and lots of open fretwork. A tiny mote of dust flies into the reeds and will choke one up, either completely stopping it or will make it muffled and odd sounding. On a rare occasion, a valve is coming loose and is hanging by a thread, causing a sort of gross gurgling and muted sound. I live in Massachusetts, a bit near the Button box and the temp fluctuations and dryness of the season really exacerbate these issues. One of the things that will help you is getting used to opening your concertina to periodically perform light fixes. It can be daunting but its not so bad in the end. 

  3. I am thinking about selling an instrument on line and would appreciate advice about the process. Specifically I would like advice about how to collect a safe payment prior to shipping the instrument. Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. I love this CD! Wonderful sets of tunes and a beautiful, rhythmic, relaxed pace of play. I encourage yo to add it to your music collections!
  5. Just had a week of classes with Caitlin Nic Gabghann and Brenda Castles. Of course both are excellent players (check out Brenda's new CD ) but I also found them to be supportive, patient, understanding teachers. Both were able to clearly describe and demonstrate ornamentation. They also made the classes a fun learning experience. Thanks to Caitlin & Brenda!
  6. I consider myself an intermediate concertina player and have taken a couple of classes at CIAW. A major problem for me is that all the advanced players take both the intermediate class and advanced class in order to have classes with a well known player (i.e. Edel Fox, Caitlin NicGabhann). That means there are > 20 people in the class which requires the instructor to basically lecture and play tunes to record for later practice. It does not allow for the instructor to give any individual feedback or spend time demonstrating ornaments,etc or other items that would be helpful for an intermediate player hoping to improve. I have given this feedback to CIAW but nothing changes.
  7. The Amazing Slowdowner did the trick! I was able to slow down the rolls played by Edel Fox and Dympna O'Sullivan and finally figured out what they were doing and how it should sound. Thanks!
  8. Great playing by Junior Stevens. Really hoping to see something that says "These are the notes played for a B roll) then someone demonstrating it slowly!
  9. Is anyone aware of any audio recordings of rolls done slowly? I have used the OAIM lessons but the rolls are not explained or played slowly enough for a beginner/intermediate. Unfortunately there are no instructors or concertina players where I live in the USA. Thanks for any help!
  10. I'm thinking it's my finger speed that is at fault - not the instrument's buttons!
  11. I have been playing an Edgley concertina for several years and am feeling it might be time to move up to a concertina with faster action for playing ornaments. Many people have suggested getting a Suttner but the ones I have heard sound really loud! What other concertinas (in the same price range of a Suttner) would people recommend and why?
  12. Dr. O'hAllmhurain is listed as teaching classes in Intermediate and advanced anglo concertina at Catskills Irish Arts week July 2016. Anyone have any experience with him as a teacher? Thanks!
  13. For those who are interested in hearing the music of Fr. Charlie Coen I recommend his new CD "Around the turf fire at Coen's". It was just released at Catskills Irish Arts week in July 2015 and it is a treasure!
  14. Some of the tunes from this new CD have been played recently on Clare FM and it is fantastic. Love her style of playing!
  15. I think ceemonster has it right from what I've heard. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions!
  16. Heard this term "chipping" from a friend who took a class with Dympna O'Sullivan. It seems like she plays the B and D on the draw (left side) simultaneously but holding the true note of the tune (the longer. Other examples were playing an A on the left and "Chipping" with the B on the right (on the draw) orChipping the G' on the right with a B' on the ridht during a press. I Is this making any sense?!
  17. Teaching myself how to play a 30 key anglo and only play irish music. Could a more experienced member describe the differences in playing a "chip" versus a "cut". Thanks!
  18. On their website they have corrected her name and now list the instructor as Gillian McElroy. Anyone familiar with her playing or teaching the concertina?
  19. Julie McElroy is listed as an instructor in basic anglo concertina at Catskills Irish Arts Week July 13-20, 2013 in New York. Does anyone have any information about her or had her as a teacher? I think she may be from Ireland.
  20. Does anyone have any recent experience playing a O'Shaughnessy concertina? There are some older posts from several years ago. I have been playing for a year (on a Stagi - ugh!) and would like to move up to the next level. Thanks for any advice.
  21. Sorry about not giving enough info. I am a beginner player so not up to speed on all the technique and differences among concertinas! I will be playing Irish music only on a 30 button C/G Anglo concertina. I want to order a concertina from Frank Edgley and he offers "standard Wheatstone layout or standard Wheatstone layout with option of 2 C#) hence my question. Thanks for all the replies!
  22. I am having a concertina made and can get standard Wheatstone layout or a standard design with two C# buttons. What do people recommend?
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