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  1. And a fine performance by one of our very own composer/players who has been Drink(ing all the)water* and turning us into a droughtzone with his (super) "Gardiner's Delight" just before the standpipes were put in... At 1hr 33min. And before or after that one, perhaps two more tunes by the same Verbaltwistmeister.... but not sure of the titles but I hope he will tell us despite his usual overmodesty. * yes I was wrong - a pint of lemonade is only GBP 2.40, not four quid (as opposed to watered Chris-cordial which is 80 pence a pint. Tho half a pint of lemonade in a pint of shandy works out at about 3.90 for a pint of lemonade equivalent. I dont know whether that is what is classed as a Mexican Tequila standoff on who owes what to whom but......... Pint of shandy on Anglesey was GBP2.75........... But down with the wine and on with the music! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhc2MpwL23g
  2. Squeezed out by Swaledale alas.....Messrs Unhappy When does it pack up on Sunday pm? (Angleseytoons 2012 in the galactic time pipeline, eventually....
  3. On a technical point (no need for two-page response Jim ) are the bass notes handled the same way as on a standard organ? Presumably the ankles use locally made, stainless steel SKF bearings for maximum articulation to cope with pieces such as this: of course the duet opens up other possibilities: I was looking first for someone only doing the footwork on my favourite, Widor's toccata, but praps this is as good as it gets....I cannot match Leo's search skills. And for those wondering how to add a few notes/stops to expand their boxes (I see there is a tremulant too!) there is a fair choice here in the technical spec of that Дом Музыки organ http://www.gg-organs.com/eng/projects/moscow_stoplist.htm They say it's the biggest in Russia and I wonder whether Macy's still has the biggest in the world (skip the ad!)
  4. Be interesting to see what the markup will be for future reference generally - perhaps those familiar with the Button Box can be on the qui vive for when it reappears?
  5. Well now you tell us!!! Sounds good and another giant step for mankind against the ever-spiralling costs of the festival conglomerates. But I see Sheffield is cut off from Anglesey by 100-ft snowdrifts on the M62!
  6. Our US visitor David Barnert made it to the The Horseshoe Inn today ps access from Borough St over London Bridge was blocked today by roadworks - mayhem. Go to Videos and recordings to hear some of the fun. (sound only) or just click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmunnlTJ0wQ
  7. digital recording is a wee bit harsh so easier listening if you can set tone down a bit (e.g. using Realtek HD Audio manager playing controls or on a proper sound speaker system). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmunnlTJ0wQ
  8. You must bring yr box even if u do not play (ho hum, you won't be able to resist joining in...) or you will be forced to sit with your back to the fire for a standard roasting for dissenters. This is cheaper and easier for us than dragging u over the Bridge for branding and racking in The Bloody Tower. Our US visitor David Barnert made it to the The Horseshoe Inn today, Sunday, and seemed to enjoy it and joined in and led a few, and is looking forward to The George tomorrow. Not been to the Horseshoe before and almost continuous tooningfrom 1200 to 1630, with fiddles, tinas (English, Edeophone, Wheatstone Duet, 20-button Lachenal, accordion, recorders, harmonicas, step dancing mini-men walking the plank, melodeons, guitars, mandolins, whistles and a triangle... Lemonade 2.80 per pint, beer 3.25 and the momos (beef dumplings) from the Mongolian chef in the kitchen looked good for 5.95 (for 7 dumplings)... ps access from Borough St over London Bridge was blocked today by roadworks - mayhem.
  9. 10 bucks delivered.......... or make your own. There is an expensive rather exclusive fashion accessory known as the Crabb version which uses Geoff's old socks, filled with sand or whatever and stitched shut at the shin end. This way you get the Old Brut/Spice aroma (phew) and if someone moves in on your toon at a session you can just slug em with it and claim it is a classic Old Master crossover movement. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_fspt=1&LH_CAds=&_udlo=&_sadis=&_sacat=&_nkw=camera%20bean%20bags&_fpos=&_mPrRngCbx=1&_udhi=&_sop=15&_clu=2&_fcid=1&_localstpos=&_stpos=&gbr=1
  10. I wouldn't know from Adam as this is all Greek and Ly®es to me, but it would be well worth your while coming along to the session at The George Inn (this coming Monday night, April 2 starting at 2000) and having a word with some of the Greeks such as Chris Drinkwater who is expecting to be there with his various multi-button English etc boxes and he will have some good tips for you. There will also be a multi button player dropping by from the USofA -- AND it would be lovely for you to join in and you will be able to see how far your 20b Lachenal can fit in with all the toons and a variety of all types of wind and string instruments around the room. Join in anytime you can or fancy. There is no "you're next" type of stuff - anyone can sti shtum, chord along or start a tune when there is a pause (dominant French, plus a variety of English, Scottish, Welsh, Sveedish, Japanese, Irish Gaelic etc etc) Usually in the first room on the right downstairs, unless we have been pushed upstairs). If u are shy about saying hello your Lachenal will be spotted anyway! "Our" room door is on right next to the plant pot! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_George_Inn,_Southwark http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=14038&pid=134823&st=0entry134823 Just 100 yards south of London Bridge Bus Station tube and mainline
  11. But thanks to all that profiling going on ebay has found you the perfect match as an alternative purchase for a similar item via your link!!! And only 125 quid at that. Item 320878815892 is no longer available. 50 items found similar to ' Vintage Wheatstone concertina Aola squeeze box ' http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-GERMAN-ACCORDIAN-CONCERTINA-SQUEEZE-BOX-/270946358728?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item3f15a955c8 BTW so we dont lose the discursive power of the human mind on spotting and recalling these scams next time they pop up: I just did alt/print screen, opened a Word doc and Ctr V to paste it into the Word doc, saved and attached below. simples.
  12. US Atlanta Junior Ceili Band Spring Concert 2012 - Sullivan's Clan March http://www.youtube.c...Iwnm0ATE&fmt=18 V impressive Atlantans - be good at the Whitby Eurosessions....and all their pieces are expressive and not racing away.... the keyboard adds something special too! Minuette.... the same performers also have a Silent Night and I could hear the hidden melody, but I was wondering where they had hidden the Te Deum melody ... till I realised it was the name of the Group!! I like this chappie's tuning fork: and Agghh...The bells! The bells! Don't think it's the Charles Laughton version...! Tho the accents smack of Notre Dame French... I wonder where it was. And was impressed by the time-beating-power of the triangle in one of these Tks Leo!
  13. 80p?!! You've been chatting up that serving wench again... I claim my free 80p pint if it is more than that...my recollected-calculation (caveat Alzheimer who drinks there too)came from the barman.... Otherwise I buy for you at 80p: so you can go home TT sober as you will not have had your usual H2HoHo with a twist of lemon :ph34r:
  14. 20.00 hrs or just a bit before. Do not recognise that word 'eat'..............unless you are talking about liquid food. They do food but not cheap and have not seen anyone from the indigent players ever consuming there....except for a bag of crisps (potato chips - not chip potatoes! The ones in a bag full of air... which work out as dear as fresh salmon weight for weight. Check with the regulars before buying your drink. a pint of lemonade can cost an amazing four quid. There are know approaches for ordering mixers for the drinks, such as: I'm told a pint of straight fizzy water from the dispenser is free, but half a lemondade and half a beer mixed (shandy) costs as much as a pint of beer (3.40+). Menu - notice the main courses do not include spuds and chips etc which are extra as "SIDES" http://www.traditionalpubslondon.co.uk/georgesouthwark/George_Inn_Menu.pdf If you want to be adventurous you could eat earlier in Brick Lane (Whitechapel Rd/Aldgate end of Brick Lane where range of prices in dozeons of Indian/Sylheti restaurants and walk off the two miles to L Bridge. http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?q=brick+lane+to+London+Bridge&mkt=en-GB&FORM=BYFD#Y3A9NTEuNTEzODYyNTQ1OTM0MTJ+LTAuMDc5MjMzOTk5OTk5OTk0NyZsdmw9MTMmc3R5PXImcnRwPXBvcy41MS41MjI5OTBfLTAuMDcxNTM4X0JyaWNrJTIwTGFuZSUyQyUyMExvbmRvbiUyMEUyJTIwNl9fX2VffnBvcy41MS41MDQ3MzBfLTAuMDg2NjAwX0xvbmRvbiUyMEJyaWRnZSUyQyUyMFVuaXRlZCUyMEtpbmdkb21fX19lXyZtb2RlPUQmcnRvcD0wfjB+MH4= Or go to China Town behind Piccadilly Circus/across from Leicester Square Tube -- in Wardour St (and nearby) there are two serve yourself for from 4.95 (Mr Wu across from Wong Kei)to 8 quid (?name?next to Wong Kei a head as much as you can eat, We always hit the Wong Kei but remember: Cash only, no cards, no checks/cheques at the Wong Kei - no booking, eat well for a tenner a head for a starter and main course (my preference is Yau Nam Noodle soup (beef brisket in large large bowl),cold crispy pork duck on rice etc, no booking, no queueing and about 200 seats. Well known for its feisty waiters - been eating there for 30 years and their Yau Nam Noodle is unbeatable - was in last week)for quick meal. Avoid (expensive) pizza and steak houses - they are often empty and slow, so draw yr own conclusions...... Now tell me all u just wanted was a pre-packed sandwich! BLAne to T Bridge Transport for London 12 minutes http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/user/XSLT_TRIP_REQUEST2?language=en&sessionID=TLJJP14P1_1123207816&requestID=1&tripSelector1=1&itdLPxx_view=detail&tripSelection=on&command=nop&calculateDistance=1 Leic Sq to L Bridgge 14 mins http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/user/XSLT_TRIP_REQUEST2?language=en&sessionID=TLJJP14P1_1123380743&requestID=1&tripSelector1=1&itdLPxx_view=detail&tripSelection=on&command=nop&calculateDistance=1
  15. Now seen:look at 4min and then 28mins - tough sale! From Dave Batty Leyland Accordion Club Our TV Appearance We said that we would let you know when our appearance on "Put "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" would be aired and we are keeping to our promise, We had a call last Wednesday from the production company to let us know that the show is going out on Wednesday 28th March. We were initially told that the show would be going out in the autumn but it has been brought forward. Anyone in the UK can Tune in to BBC2 tomorrow at 5.15pm for Put Your Money Where You Mouth is and of course you'll be able to catch the show on the BBC Iplayer shortly after and it will stay on there for 7day.
  16. Attractively slow and sounds v familiar but can't nail it 'under..' 'Over the waters'? tks Leo When you are in love, Its the loveliest night of the year Stars twinkle above You almost can touch them from here...............etc. V good - tks! As soon as I told my other half the first line she instantly sang all the words! A little research turns out it was well before my time (written in late 1800s by JUVENTINO ROSAS, MEXICAN-INDIAN 1868-1894who died aged 26, who called it Over the Waves (hence the Afrikaans title no doubt). http://deegold.homestead.com/waves.html Memory must have been of Mario O'Lanza as Great Caruso when I was in swaddling clothes. Or maybe it was the Wurlitzer Organ at Blackpool... Reginald Dixon. Sound only -- maybe there is something wrong with CNet - no matter how much I hit the key, the nmad thing won;t rise up out of the stage. Smaller machine heere under title of Over the Waves : This is as near as I can find to a tina..... These guys are great for some easy playing/learning tunes in C, incl a lot of comfortable/comforting Irish/English/Scottish toons When you are in love It's the loveliest night of the year Stars twinkle above And you almost can touch them from here Words fall into rhyme Any time you are holding me near When you are in love It's the loveliest night of the year Waltzing along in the blue Like a breeze drifting over the sand Thrilled by the wonder of you And the wonderful touch of your hand and... My heart starts to beat Like a child when a birthday is near So kiss me, my sweet... It's the loveliest night of the year [instrumental Interlude] Waltzing along in the blue Like a breeze drifting over the sand Thrilled by the wonder of you And the wonderful touch of your hand and... My heart starts to beat Like a child when a birthday is near So kiss me, my sweet... It's the loveliest night of the year
  17. Oi! He's got Mozart homework at the moment and it is overdue; so don't give 'im an excuse to b-ach-unk off and skive! He is also probably going round in his MG ramraiding supermarkets because of the Great Marmite Shortage (played glissando con toasto caldo in NZ. Instead of following the mob in Marmageddon he ought to be working on his Triumphal March, to lead from the front in Aida-laide.....! http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/03/20/marmageddon-new-zealand-faces-shortage-of-marmite-spread/ V nice by the way and off to find out if it will work on a C#D box.it is just about my speed too.
  18. Attractively slow and sounds v familiar but can't nail it 'under..' 'Over the waters'? tks Leo
  19. Talking about horns and trumpets in this thread I was just about to post some disappointing news - I have just discovered Maurice André the stunning baroque trumpet player who started work as a coalmining teenie died in Feb. Great inspiration for many 'wind' players' I like the Karajan quote here that 'He's undoubtedly the best trumpet player, but not of this world' and encouragement for Dirge to luxuriate in slower tempo when some say faster... "...now sound inflexible, with dirge-like tempi for slow movemments. But at this time this style of playing was thrillingly new and original." http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2012/feb/29/maurice-andre lots of his performance include pieces which have super and simple melodies in them which many of us know and I would think should be repeatable on even on a 20b box -- such as that in the Queen of the Night from Mozart's magic flute. (you can hum the orchestra bits!) starting at 1.05 Vivaldi - Trumpet Concerto in A flat and for a bit of the old bellows tremolo shaking "The Prince of Denmark's March" Purcell Wonder if a D tinwhistle could cope with this - toon is easy Telemann Concerto in D Major - Adagio Maybe here a challenge for Pauline and the Dutch maestri at Grinton for three concertinas - to match some of their mediaeval/orchestral playing last year on the Friday arrival afternoon. TELEMANN - CONCERTO POUR 3 TROMPETTES ET ORCHESTRE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96cOdBr0xbg&feature=related Ave Maria Grenada The Brandberg (and they all using dots!!!) tho the fiddler looks as though he needs an alka-seltzer..... and again but using echoing St Pauls Jeremiah Clarke. Trumpet Voluntary or 'The Prince of Denmark's March http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiX53S31Eas&feature=fvst some exercising scales here for practice on box Carnival of Venice (Arban): and for our expanding corps of jazz players Maurice André & Dizzy Gillespie • Manhã de Carnaval www.youtube.com/watch?v=skP_L6t6Ugo and a deady easy Gloria in Excelsis Deo here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f_yGuPkEQU There are lots more out there to suit your mood and box! :)
  20. I smell a rat-trap.......!. Re-read your own post from October 24, 2009 (see... my memory's still holding up. That's a song u owe me at Grinton... http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=10184
  21. Brill! But not as fast and it would good to have a video or at least a phot with you wearing this chappie's headgear.... Tks
  22. Rather nice peformance on radio today - any chance on your box? 3rd movement rondo in E flat. (follow by another "wind piece", the triumphal march frm Aida Act 2 which sounds like a good for you for us Ta
  23. Amazing aren't they! And now I know you can work out the big hand and the little hand, you increase my admiration 3.75 fold! Evenings start at 19.30 and end 23.00ish. The trick lies in lead instrumentalists who swing straight into their next tune - there is one tea/coffee break. But there is a constant stream of visitors to the bar for bacon butties, cheese sarnies etc and liquid refreshment in the next lounge through the lobby; (and no doubt, after to the....... located in between ).
  24. All in one evening - smart these Lancashire folk. Also a useful list for reminding oneself of loads of toons which we know of already (by ear). Alexander's Ragtime Band Amandas Waltz, Amazing Grace, American Medley, American Patrol. Anybody Seen My Girl, Bachelor Boy, Beautiful Days, Beautiful Dreamer Beside The Seaside, Birth Of The Blues, Black Mask Waltz Can-Can, Carte Postale, Crystal Chandelier, Cuckoo Waltz, Daisy Bell, Daisy, Dark Island Edleweiss. Espagna, Flower Of Scotland Forget Me Not Get Me To The Church On Time, Glen Coe, Going Home. Have You Ever Been Lonely, Hey Jude. Highland Cathedral. In The Mood, Jacqueline Waltz, Jaqueline Waltz, Lady Is A Tramp. Land Of Hope and Glory Let Him Go, Loveliest Night Of The Year, Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts, Maigret, Marching Through Georgia, Moonlight and Roses, Music Music Music, Never Ending Love, Never On a Sunday, Obladi Oblada. Pavements of Paris, Perfidia and Sway Polka Dot Bikini, Pretty Baby, Red River Valley, Rockin' All Over The World, Scotland The Brave, Singing The Blues, Skye Boat Song, Slow Boat To China, Snow Waltz. Someone To Watch Over Me, South Of The Boarder, St Louis Blues, Still Bill, Stop The Cavalry, Surrey with The Fringe On Top, Teddy Bears picnic, The Good Old Summer Time, The Rowan Tree, Three Jolly Sheepskins Upton On Severn Stick Dance When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Who's Sorry Now, Who's Your Lady Friend, Wild Rover, Will You No Come Back Again, Wooden Horse, Write Myself A Letter Yodelling Polka You Always Hurt The One You Love, You Made Me love You.
  25. Ah, a chance for a moving portrait for a change and with talkies and music ! == and here he is, alive alive O! ....Well Kathleen O! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHPUlp4rgas :) And stringing em up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7g78gT41FM And bleeding for his art and how to remove a reed pan for beginners http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2RhUfXF5gQ
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