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  1. I had similar 22 key restored by Barleycorn several years ago. Extra buttons were exactly the same. Not bushed like this and had 5-fold bellows, so this one on this topic looks nicer. The light weight of the 22 key gave me a great merit to travel with. Sometimes I had to stop playing in the A tune though. I hope your 22 key find a new home :-) -- Taka
  2. Thanks linrose for your insight, that makes sense. I've seen some examples which had novelty button next to the array of normal buttons, perhaps this ebay one is specially made by performer's request.
  3. Hi, Please look at the RHS photo of this Lachenal on ebay now. It has two extra buttons apart from the air button, but their place are strange. Have anyone ever seen the one like this ? -- Taka
  4. I wish I had another small Jones like your 26b, Takayuki san. Jones made a couple of sizes of "regular" anglos. This one is the larger one at 6&5/8. I do have a Jones(?) miniature anglo that will be for sale. 2&3/4 across the flats, metal ends, 10 bone buttons and air button. Greg Greg, Thank you for clarifying my question. And 2&3/4(!) is really a miniature. I will stay tuned towards the holiday . -- Takayuki
  5. Greg, perhaps the Jones is 5&5/8 across the flats isn't it ?
  6. I believe some of the survived G/D instruments are originally tuned in Ab/Eb. As Stephen Chambers indicated here. I own one 'retuned' G/D which has additional screw hole to accomodate band lyre (please see the photo in this comment). If I have a chance, I would like to play those instrument in original Ab/Eb tuning. -- Taka
  7. I assume that they are same as the first 4 buttons of the third row from the top, if not customized: A/Bb C#/D# A/G G#/Bb | C#/D# A/G G#/A# C#/D# (from left to right, Push/Pull) Cheers, -- Taka
  8. I saw the same listing and had the same opinion as Bill N. Typical 20-button diatonic concertina made by Scholar(my guess), badged Barcarole.
  9. That is one of my favourite tunes. I remember my old clip played on a C/G some years ago. Thomas Burke ( O'Carolan tune ) As it happend it was uploaded on August 12th. -- Taka
  10. Just FYI... http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3843&p=38054 -- Taka
  11. Presumably German made piano duet, not a JEDcertina made by Lachenal under John E Dallas label. But this one seems interesting indeed. Thank you for sharing the info. -- Taka
  12. It is too late to reply but I found some relevent informations. The first one came up to eBay in February this year. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281600430420 This one had brown bellows and labelled as "Campbell's Improved Concertina". As the seller noted, 1890 Campbell's catalog listed "The Nonpareil" concertina which had thumb stops to change tones. http://www.concertina.com/eydmann/campbells-catalogue-1890.pdf (please refer page 4) Though the Theo's box above had no dealer label and had different bellows colour, overall shapes looked very much similar. The second one was in the last
  13. While waiting someone finding a concertiny audio (I couldn't find one.. ), this is a sound sample of Norman mini in 'C' (same pitch as C-row of standard C/G). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFU5Da1uCkk
  14. That Tedrow mini looks pretty cool. Does anyone have an audiosample of it being played? This is not a direct answer but you can hear APJ miniature sound sample here. http://www.apjmusic.co.uk/apj_miniature_anglo.htm I think this one is similar size as Tedrow mini. The differences are end material and the Key (Tedrow is in 'D' and APJ is in 'G').
  15. Just FYI, John Connor once made 1-row model in G (with G drone) as a "Student Model". It was not a miniature (6 inches across the flats). I saw one in 2009 on eBay.
  16. Ah, that make sense! I have Norman mini in C (plus 3 accidentals). This 4-inch across flats box is also very LOUD! It is suitable for outdoor playing. I play it St. Paddy's day parade every year. My only regret was I need longer bellows.
  17. Just FYI, if my memory serves me correctly, that company also made 'baby tanzbaer' model with concertina-like hexagonal shape. -- Taka
  18. A friend got one from Custy's last year. I didn't have a chance to see it yet I heard it was concertina-reeded. -- Taka
  19. Hi David, I remember these photos in the old article here and found that in the archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20130901093545/http://www.concertina.net/weird_lachenal.html ... and realized that original article was written by you David ;-) Cheers, -- Taka
  20. Hi David, Unfortunately this label was firmly glued to the end and I do not like to remove this for the photo. But anyway I hope this closeup photo helps. -- Taka
  21. I once saw one in the Horniman Museum, but I didn't know what was that exactly. The penny dropped. -- Taka
  22. Sad news indeed. I didn't have chance to meet Harold, but I have one concertina here which was designed from collaborative work of Harold and Frank. I pray the music will reach him. May he rest in peace.
  23. During the recent business trip to London, I enjoyed a short walk along the Liverpool Road on Sunday morning and took a photo. I am surprised to find a Marylin when I zoom in that photo! -----> Happy new year to all. -- Taka
  24. Thank you! I already had printed volumes and was hoping to have searchable text. -- Taka
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