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  1. Hello, These clips cleared my question . Thank you. Around the St. Patrick's day, there are parades at several venues. I have tried to play while standing, but .. not so successful. (My wrists got tired so early and couldn't play in stable condition.) After viewing those clip, I tried using little fingers as you showed. Yes! it works good for me. I will practice and make a try in next March . Thanks, Taka
  2. Thank you for the clip. Lovely west Clare style playing !
  3. Oh, really So 24 button I own may be the last one ? Personally I like the button layout of your 24 button concertina, though I admit that many people play 26+ button (i.e. 3 row) instruments for Irish Music here, and demand for those is larger. -- Taka
  4. I am .. I also wondered. Because, from player's position, these three have quite distinctive sound. My personal impressions are: Lachenal: a bit slow to start, warm and nasal sound Geuns: fast, warm moderate-volume Edgley: fast, bright and powerful But when I check the clip, yes, the sound difference seems slighter. Maybe I should use better microphone instead of camera built-in one. Thank you for the comments -- Taka
  5. Hello, These tracks are my favourite O'Carolan tunes played on anglo concertina (and other instruments) "Mrs Maxwell (First Air) / Carolan's Draught" played by Gerald Commanne (concertina), Paddy [isao Moriyasu] (flute) , Bridget [Masako Moriyasu] (harp) on the album "Paddy and Bridget & their great friends" "Thomas Burke" played by Jacqueline McCarthy (concertina), Alec Finn (bouzouki), Tommy Keane (uillean pipes etc) on the album "the hidden note" "Planxty Browne" played by Tommy McCarthy (concertina) on the album "Sporting Nell" Regards, Taka
  6. FYI, 3 of the 7 extra tracks of the Russell family CD, you can hear Pakie playing concertina with Micho and Gussie (not solo). All the best, Taka
  7. This is a good suggestion. 6 disks is alot to buy at once. Synopsis: Thank you for the synopsis I'd like to inform that each disk has additional tracks to the previous release. FCLAR01 - The Russell Family of Doolin, Co Clare - 26 Tracks about 50 minutes + 7 Tracks FCLAR02 - Clare Concertinas - Bernard O'Sullivan & Tommy McMahon - 17 Tracks about 42 minutes + 10 Tracks FCLAR03 - The Flowing Tide - Chris Droney - 21 Tracks about 58 minutes + 6 Tracks FCLAR04 - John Kelly - Irish Traditional Concertina & Fiddle Music - 21 Tracks, 44 minutes + 11 Tracks FCLAR05 - Tommy McMahon & Bernard O'Sullivan - Irish Traditional Concertina Music of Co Clare - 16 Tracks, 40 minutes + 13 Tracks FCLAR06 - Irish Traditional Concertina Styles - Twelve great players from the 1970s - 22 Tracks, 42 minutes + 8 Tracks Personally, I liked the Tommy McMahon & Bernard O'Sullivan 's 2 disks the best. Taka
  8. I am not familiar with AOL's version 10 browser for Mac but I suppose your log in trouble might be caused by cookie setting. If your browser set not to accept cookies from concertina.net and/or to reset cookies after each session, you have to log in each time even if the remember me box was checked. And if you have reset cache and cookies, same thing will happen. Sorry if it doesn't help... -- Taka
  9. I'm running as well. The drop downs still don't work but they do when I try in IE. -- Rich -- I am also running Firefox When I logged into the forum some hours before now, all the dropdowns were not working. But now they work fine though I didn't change any settings in the meantime. Yes, IE6 also works fine for me. -- Taka
  10. It is second time for me to see that type of reed pans. The first I saw was number 561xx on ebay in March 2007. It was 30 button C/G with wood ends. Are these reed pans typical for Wheatstone Anglos, numbers 50,000+ ?? -- Taka
  11. I just noticed that small sized Lachenal 20b on ebay now. It looks similar to the photo of Lachenal miniature on Morgana's page.
  12. I'll second that bacause of extra tracks . And of cource Elizabeth Crotty album is highly recommended too. 6-CD set is now also available in Custy's music shop in Ennis Co. Clare, FYI. By the way, I recently got a John Joe Casey's CD named "the tiermaclane fancy". It was 1987 recording and released in 2006 from Cois na hAbhna Archive. I don't know much about the player but I felt it is also lovely old style playing. I'd like to recommend it too. Taka
  13. I noticed that the box set is also available now in the web store of free-reed records. I wish I could go to Eigse Mrs Crotty (too far from here.. ), so I just ordered 1 set today. Thank you for the informations -- Taka
  14. Thank you for the warm greetings ! . I will try not to be a silent participant. My main interest is Irish music, particularly the style of elder players in Co. Clare. I usually play C/G anglos. But recently I got a G/D and sometimes play tunes in lower key. As I live in a not-so-big town, I usually play music for me, and when go to large city like Tokyo, Osaka... I join a session and/or play for dancers. That is also good fun for me. Unfortunatelly I haven't met a Japanese musician using the concertina for accompaniment with singing ( but I think there are ). I once heard of some Japanese concertina players who plays original/modern compositions. Regards -- Taka
  15. I don't know about China neither. But yes, there are tens of or more concertina players here in Japan, at a moderate estimate. As far as I know, in recent years the popurality of the concertina players here is growing. In my thought, some of Japanese players (including me) see this forum, maybe as a guest. For me it is much much more difficult to make what I meant to say in English than reading , so I often hesitate to make a post and see here as a silent participant... I love playing concertina and would like to thank all people here . -- Taka
  16. Hi David, Thank you for the interesting and helpful imformation. My instrument also has little screw hole at the top of the left side end (first photo). And also has two small holes at each strap bar (second photo). I guess holes at the strap bar are for the neck strap , though I'm not sure . If you get one marching band music stand, please let me (and who all watching this thread) show the photo. I am very intersted in it. Regards, -- Takayuki
  17. Hi Theo, Thank you for the historical background. I am really glad to see the similar one there Taka
  18. Hello again, I just noticed that a lachenal 30-key Ab/Eb with circular label area in the fretwork is in stock now at Theo Gibb's Box Place. The fretwork pattern is exatly the same as mine and serial numbers are quite near (#154456 and #155862). I guess they made some Ab/Eb boxes with this fretwork at that time... Taka
  19. And it also might be nice to spell other makers name correctly on the site . I'm talking about Edgley. If the picture is anything to go by, it looks like one of Wim Wakker's? Sure does. Yep, the photo looks like my Geuns-Wakker here (now renamed to Geuns anglo) with maker's label area left blank.
  20. Thank you again for the information, Dave I checked the reed shoe. Not all the stamped mark are survived (maybe scratched off during tuning) but I confirmed some from reed shoe and it was originally in Ab/Eb . All reeds start fine in G/D now. Former owner once said to me that restoration was done by a restorer in England. Very experienced work, I think. Thank you very much. Regards, Taka
  21. Thank you for you all ! I really appreciate all of your informations Action is Lachenal's hooked action, I guess. Thank you. Maybe S.A. General ? It makes sense. Ooops! How stupid can I be? And one of my daughters used to live just down the road in Pera Place! Oh, Bath! I've been there during my first trip to England some years ago. I recollect the Roman Bath, some antique markets, Sally Lunn Bun and more.. Lovely town to visit. # sorry, off topic Looks like pretty standard Lachenal type spindle cut fretwork which was typical of their lower end concertinas. The red leather baffle was pretty much standard for Lachenal anglos but these are frequently discarded these days when instruments are rebuilt. In my experience, many of the instruments that were made specifically for the Salvation Army, have better than average reeds for the model. I guess they were an important customer for Lachenals and could thus demand a certain level of quality for their money. I don't recall ever coming across one with a Lachenal Label (or any label for that matter) fitted in the round hole. Was it perhaps a S.A. label or perhaps just left empty ? Regards Dave Prebble If it is not original, alter the feel is make sense. It has replaced new bellows with red bellows paper. Leather and bellows paper colors makes this instrument look prettier. Thank you. Sometimes in the future I would like to know what label was originally inside the round hole. But without knowing the label, this sounds good as playable instrument (it's my first G/D! ). I will play this with care Thank you again for your all informations. Taka
  22. Hi all, Just aquired this one. Lachenal G/D 30 key mahogany ends #155862. It has no makers label but has Lachenal's trademark on the right hand side strap bar. It has dark red leather sheet glued aroud the keys. I have seen some earlier models (serial numbers were around 130000's ) with mahogany end with different (simpler) fretwork. Is this fretwork (and leather sheet) typical for 150000's instrument ? or may spacially made for a certain dealer ? There are some pencil notes inside of the reed pan. ( I couldn't read it ) Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.
  23. I have succeeded to set my local time properly . I felt some inconvenience about displayed time in different time zone before. Many Thanks, Taka
  24. I find if I go to their Online catalogue, the main Concertina page with the small image of the Ashdown seems to have metal buttons and a different endplate - but if you click for the larger photo then what you see with the black buttons seems (from memory) to be what they're now selling. I compared the small image with the photo of old Ashdown concertina (made by A.C. Norman) on the previous (13th) catalogue book. The endplate are exactly the same. I think they have used the same photo. In the new (14th) catalog book, they had a photo with black button. Endplate looks same as larger photo on current online catalogue ( , but at that time still named Ashdown.. ) FYI, Taka
  25. Hello, This feed works fine for me too. Thank you for this new feature ! May I request RSS feeds for 2 more forums ? Instrument Construction & Repair Concertina History Regards, -- Takayuki YAGI Shizuoka, Japan
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