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  1. Call me, I have one for your consideration. Bob Tedrow Homewood Music
  2. I have a modest number of Minstrel, Clover concertinas available. As well I have some Wheatstone English and Duet system in the shop Homewood Music http://hmi.homewood.net/
  3. Homewood Music http://hmi.homewood.net/concertinas
  4. Homewood Music you may May email me about a duet bob@homewood.net
  5. I have a number concertinas available at the moment, mostly anglos with a sprinkling of duet and english. Ranging from $350 to $3500, they include Wheatstone, Bastari, Trinity College, Tedrow, Clover and Minstrel models. Used Instruments are carefully vetted by myself, Bob Tedrow. New instruments are available stock from the manufacturer or carefully set up and modified by myself for better comfort and playability...... it’s the small things that will make you happier in the long run.
  6. My nine minutes of fame on local Public Television. I’m sure you will find it entertaining. Https://video.aptv.org/video/bob-tedrow-hrr55j/
  7. I just purchased this concertina from the owners. The bellows are tight with little wear. Concertina is tuned to concert a440 and very nicely so. No evidence of prior repairs, no mold, nor insect debris. Original straps in very good usable condition. Screw heads are clean and sharp will no damage to the ends, indicating that it was rarely if ever taken apart. The timbre is clean and strong in all regards. A very nice example of a well built Aeola, indeed I have rarely seen none nicer. Available for sale after I massage a few recalcitrant reeds back into order. $2750
  8. Mourier button accordion French circa 1974 C/G pitch extremely nice piece in excellent condition $1200
  9. Drop me a pm for details Raised ends, quite nice. Bob
  10. Blast, this thread is like reading a murder mystery with the last 20 pages missing.
  11. Available now $975 https://instagram.com/p/BbpTgGoDHBe/ Photos and or video available upon request. Bob Tedrow Homewood Music
  12. In response to the thread on tuning. https://instagram.com/p/BbpTgGoDHBe/
  13. Ha ha, I had forgotten about that interview, thanks for the reminder! Bob
  14. On consignment refit by our own G. Jowaisas $1200 Http://hmi.homewood.net/lachenalduet
  15. The concertina cognoscenti may roll their eyes at the following bit of local Alabama news, I am happy to roll them right back to you. Regards, Bob http://www.alabamanewscenter.com/2016/05/02/bob-tedrow-builds-concertinas-people-take-care-treasure/
  16. 46 button Lachenal Duet concertina. Recently tuned and repad/revalve by our own G. Jowaisis. Good playing condition. on consignment. $1500.00 http://hmi.homewood.net/lachenal
  17. Bushing refers to the red or black felt that lines the button holes in the tops of the concertina. It serves to lessen the clackety noise of the buttons while playing the concertina. It also serves to stand the buttons up fairly square to the top. http://hmi.homewood.net/rochelle/
  18. In spite of its less than stellar reputation, to get 48 buttons/reeds into a small surface area of a standard size english concertina was a marvel of engineering in the pre CAD days. The "flip out" reed pan is a clever solution.
  19. I have a few of these available. I am happy with the stock Rochelle concertinas for the money, but there is alway room for a little improvement. I enlarge the air vent to 5/8" and add a larger pad. For the beginner player, a bit easier to grab a quick breathe of air. Less "wheezy" as well. Bushed buttons, why not? There is only 1/2" of purchase on the wood screws, it is easy to over tighten them. So that you can more easily tell when they are tight, I increase the diameter of the pilot holes in the ends of the concertina and lubricate the threads. Once these wood screws are stripped, there is trouble. Rare indeed is the concertina that does not require some disassembly now and then. I can safely say there are no better Rochelle, Elise, Jackie etc available than these from Homewood Music.
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