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  1. I have an older Stagi, but I'm seeing references to a new, better action, and I'm curious if the changes are significant. However, I can't find any pictures, videos, or even just specific descriptions. Does anyone know where I can find a comparison of old and new Stagi action?
  2. I'm only 5'7", plus I have short little 'punkin fingers, and because of that the stretch getting to the upper rows was not comfortable. I probably could have gotten used to it, but I just decided to go back to the English.
  3. It was $300 (w/ free shipping), but someone already put in a bid, so the Buy it Now option is gone.
  4. I just listed my Elise Hayden Duet on Ebay, then it dawned on me that I should have gone here first, seeing as this site was so helpful when I was first learning to play. If someone from here ends up getting it, let me know and I'll donate to the site. All the information is at this link: Auction Link
  5. The link to the ad seems to suggest $1000. Sounds reasonable to me - but then the current dollar/GBP exchange rate would make it a lovely bargain over here. I already contacted Michael, but thanks. Yeah, the weakening dollar must look very nice right now.
  6. After many months of deliberation, I've decided to part with my Lachenal. I just don't play it anymore, mostly because I'm focusing on the CBA now, and I don't want to sit on it when others can be playing it, so up it goes. Here are links to the Ad, and a page with pictures and an audio sample. Ad Pictures and Audio Sample
  7. A few years back, I did some research into kilts, and discovered not only that the kilt we think of today is English in origin, but that clan-specific tartans are a modern convention.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'll give that song, and your fingering patterns, a whirl.
  9. Which free reed instruments are double action (same note on push and pull)? There's the English concertina and the piano accordion. Is that it?
  10. Thanks for the review. I'll be selling my Lachenal soon and was curious if the Geuns/Wakker treble would be a good replacement.
  11. Hilliard eh? Well shoot, that's only about 20 minutes from me (Gahanna). First Greg stopped by when he came through town, then you...Columbus is swiftly becoming a concertina MECCA!! Unfortunately, I can't really help you since I don't play the anglo at all. If you're interested in getting involved with a beginner session, one just started up toward Delaware. There are five of us so far. If you just want to get together and talk shop, let me know. I can try to convert you to English.
  12. Ahh yes, I forgot the obvious fact that hornpipes are usually syncopated.
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