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  1. There's another product that I think works even better than Nature's Miracle for pet odors. It's called My WebpageUnbelievable! and it is! I have lots of sympathy, although my cats tend to limit their rebellion to the cellar floor!
  2. Often the only time in the day I can find to practice is just before bed. I'm usually fully relaxed, if a bit fumbly, and tunes often flow slowly but smoothly. And it does seem true that whatever I accomplish at that time of night sticks with me into the next day. When I direct school plays I advise the students to read their lines just before bedtime and review them at breakfast- every year they seem to memorize really quickly that way!
  3. Three cheers for Alan and co! Congratulations, Alan- the website looks great! I can hardly wait to hear it!
  4. Oh, poor Helen!! Just keep taking care of yourself, dear!
  5. Well, I've been thinking of everybody there. Yesterday I had a date with someone for the first time, andwhen he came to pick me up he recognized my daughter's PA (and surprised me by bashing through Chorus Jig and Five Foot Two) but didn't know what a concertina was. I hope it hasn't been too soggy, and wish everybody well.
  6. Rest. Rest some more. Then, for a change, rest. When you need a break from that, rest. You are feeling sleeeeeeepppyyyy-
  7. Let us know how you do, Helen!! We're thinking of you!
  8. Alas! My daughter broke her glasses this weekend, and my son got a stray bill for last semester's books, due Friday, and now I can't afford the Squeeze-In! It's too long a drive for one day, so I'll have to start slipping bills under the mattress for next year. I'll miss you guys!
  9. So, is it possible that the cds will be available at the Northeast Squeeze-In that weekend???
  10. The horrific news has gripped us all across the planet. I just received an email from an Iraqi of my acquaintence, offering his condolences to the American people. I hope and pray that some good may come from this disaster- that we learn something, that some of us become better people somehow, that we find out just how interconnected we all are. Meanwhile, I ache for those who have lost homes, loved ones, livelihood, pets, beloved possessions- above all, a beautiful, legendary home.
  11. And if you didn't know, Seanma is me and my harp-playing friend, Melanie Everard. It should be fun!
  12. And mine! Jeff is not to be missed! I'm told he's doing more concertina playing in his sets- which are already a great night out.
  13. Keep it up, Helen! It sounds as though you have a safe environment to get used to using your voice, and I agree with everyone else- just keep on doing it. Today is the first day back to school for my students, and already I'm breaking in the assistants (who come with the students who need extra support for whatever reasons)- getting them to sing along, march to the beat, play silly music games- it's so much fun! The kids don't know they "can't" do it (because they can!) and the adults don't know they can- until they try. Next we'll get you joining the local community chorus! I wish you were closer to me, because my chorus is full of women who didn't think they could sing -and you should hear them!
  14. Oh, Helen, you're just breaking new territory all over the place! Good for you! Isn't it fun? Once you make a breakthrough in one arena of music, your musicianship just seems to grow by leaps and bounds. Keep it up!
  15. HOORAY FOR HELEN!!! I'm so proud of you! 1- To agree to volunteer at a school for autistic kids 2- To agree to sing when we all know how hard it is for you 3 To go back and do it again the next day!!!! My son has an autism-related disorder, so as high as you were in my pantheon, you've just risen higher!. Keep up the good work!
  16. Well, Alan, I too have been totally enjoying Gown of Green (thanks!) but still eagerly await this one. I know you'll let us know, so I'll stop holding my breath and will just try to be patient....
  17. Amen to that! I've been keeping quiet here, because others more knowledgeable than me have contributed eloquently. Dan has put into very clear and accurate words what I've only gleaned from half a life of occasional contradancing. The solid, four-square BOOM-chick that characterizes Bob MacQuillen (heard nearly every Monday night in my small village at the weekly contra dance- how lucky am I???!!! ) is the sound I grew up expecting to hear. However, when Jacqueline Schwab, or our local Bob-replacement (not that anyone can replace Bob...) Gordon Peery, or Peter Barnes, or any of a number of other fine pianists, gets going on the syncopated, improvisational rhythms, something magical can happen on the contra dance floor. There's an energy that picks up and gets going. I believe it's part of why so many young folks are showing up on the contra dance floor- giving me hope for the future of music and dance. It may not sound traditional, but it's alive, so it's bound to change and grow. And every few years, someone will always want to go back and hear it and play it "like they used to".
  18. Back home again... missing England -woke up at 4 am today dreaming of the scepter'd isle. OK, I am glad to be done with living out of a suitcase, but I love England- it feels as though a part of me is still there. I didn't meet any other CNetters, though I did go to the C# session-in-exile at the Exmouth Arms near Euston Station in London on Tuesday evening. There was an anglo concertinist named Richard who didn't know about C Net. He had the loveliest case I'd ever seen, made of wood with beautiful inlay. When I get my photos organized I'll post it (sorry, Alan- I did remember my camera this time!). Had an email from Mark Evans greeting me (amongst the 137 other emails- I'll reply in a minute, Mark)! And I look forward to meeting more CNetters at the NESI in Sept. But the George was still one of the highlights of my trip! However, it's nice to be reunited with my beloved Jeffries, with its shiny new straps!
  19. By the way, I forgot my camera, forgot the cd I had brought for Alan, forgot the bring with me back home the flowers I had bought for my cousin (don't think I'm always this absent-minded ) I'm leaving my cousin's flat for a week on the road, so won't be able to check this until I'm back home on the 10th. But thanks again, Alan, for a wonderful time!
  20. The Tower of London was a thrill. Seeing As You Like It at the Wymdham was delightful. Whitby is fun, too. But the highlight of my trip in England so far has been.... Meeting Alan Day!! And sitting right beside him, playing his C/G Jeffries, watching him play Chocolate Rabbit, was a peak experience. The fact that it was at the George Inn, one of the oldest inns in England (The oldest, Alan?) only enhanced the whole experience. Other instruments included two fiddles, a cello, a melodeon, flute, mandolin, and one gent who brought two recorders, bones, and small pipes. Fantastic music, great company, wonderful surroundings- thank you Alan for a lovely evening!
  21. It sounds absolutely wonderful. Maybe next year...
  22. Helen, this is turning into a "show my daughter the sights" vacation more than a music vacation. Haven't met nary a CNetter yet, although I hope to meet Alan Day soon. It seems that everybody's going to Sidmouth, which is not on our itinerary due to lack of time! bigsqueezergeezer, my friend has pretty much retired from leatherwork, but after I try out the straps, if I like them, I'll ask him if he'd be interested in taking orders. They look beautiful, but it'll be another 12 days before I'm home with the Jeffries... Today we're off to the Tower of London!
  23. I'm on holiday now, travelling all over England, and although I miss the box, I'm very glad I didn't bring it- my own suitcase is so heavy as it is. I did bring my straps, and my good friend in Yorkshire, who is a leatherworker, has made me a replacement pair that are much sturdier, so I look forward to getting home and getting them on the Jeffries! But for now, I brought my recorder which I haven't used at all, and my voice, which I have!
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