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    Heavyweight Boxer
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    Singer/songwriter who plays for Morris and ceilidhs as well. I like any music that I can fit onto an Anglo.
    Also a modelmaker and railway enthusiast. Too many hobbies.....
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    Rossendale, England
  1. Robin Madge

    Pierced Metal Sides

    I seem to remember that Bob Bradbury had one in Somerset, back in the 1980s when I bought my 40 button C/G Wheatstone from him. He was in two minds which to sell. Robin
  2. Robin Madge

    New British £50 note.

    There is going to be a large faction who want the person chosen to be female. I believe Ada Lovelace is leading the polls at the moment. Robin
  3. Robin Madge

    German & Anglo Concertina's What's The Difference?

    As an Anglo player married to an English player for over 25 years I would say it is just as difficult to try and learn the English when already an Anglo player. It beats me anyway! And as for a Duet... Robin
  4. Robin Madge

    Anglo Concertina Weight

    For playing for morris I usually have to play standing holding the concertina because quite often we are processing and I use a light canvas case on these occasions. For performance with the trio I mainly stand holding the concertina(s), (we need to sing in several keys!) but have my custom built concertina case in front of me to put my foot on if I want to use my knee for support during instrumental sections where I might need better control of the bellows. My custom concertina case is in the form of four pigeonholes, two above two, with an additional centre section for odds and ends, with a vertically removed front face. It means I can quickly put a concertina away and extract another on stage. I can't fit the baritone in it though! If you look up Caffery/McGurk/Madge on youtube it can be seen in some of the videos. Robin Madge
  5. Robin Madge

    Anglo Concertina Weight

    If I go for a long walk with arms hanging freely I find that my fingers eventually become swollen and movement in them is affected and slowed. I can feel the beginnings of this condition when holding the concertina too low, say and angle of greater than 120 degrees. Robin Madge
  6. Robin Madge

    Northern Tour/ Geoff Lakeman

    Do you know if tickets are available in advance for the Settle gig, or is it turn up on the night? Trying to work out if I am free of other obligations. Robin
  7. Robin Madge

    Anglo Concertina Weight

    I find that holding the instrument either too high or too low increases tension in the arms and results in reduction of fine motor control in the fingers. Could be due to slight changes in blood pressure in the arms or something to do with restriction on the tendons if the surrounding muscle is more or less tense. Alternatively gravity could be forcing the instrument towards or away from the wrists. Open to ideas about this. Robin Madge
  8. Robin Madge

    Anglo Concertina Weight

    I don't have a problem with holding the concertina, my problem is to do with the fact that I have problems with working with my hands above my head, painting ceilings etc. although I can lift quite heavy weights so it is not pure arm strength. Once went to a Tai Chi class at Ely Folk festival where we were supposed to hold our arms out horizontally to the sides; after 30 seconds or so my arms were shaking. Lukily swinging the concertina does not mean holding it stationary! Robin Madge
  9. Robin Madge

    Anglo Concertina Weight

    Doing the bells with my Lachenal Barritone Anglo (octave below normal C/G 36 buttons) can be good exercise. 4lb 13oz, or 1.852 kg. I do sing "Sweet Bells", one of the Sheffield "While Shepherds" while doing the bells on the chorus with my Lachenal Bb/F 32 button. 2lb 11oz, or 1.216 kg, now that can become exhausting if you do all the verses! Robin Madge
  10. Robin Madge

    Northern Tour/ Geoff Lakeman

    People here in Lancashire were sceptical when I pointed out that Bristol was only half-way to Land's End. Robin Madge
  11. Robin Madge


    This was my brain on auto-correct. It should have been Rainford, near Wigan! More senior moments! Robin
  12. Robin Madge


    Just an annual update to say that we have had an interesting year of festival and folk club gigs and have really enjoyed the fun. One apology from me for not getting to Bedworth because of a failed alternator on the car (I don't recommend sitting in Knutsford services for 5 1/2 hours) but the other two managed without me. Last night at the Wooden Horse club at Rainham was the last gig of this year but the bookings are filling for 2017. Robin Madge
  13. I have put the Saddleworth date in my diary! Robin Madge
  14. Robin Madge

    Another Approach To The Anglo Concertina

    Well I sold 10 in the first week. I am wondering if a paperback edition would be wanted by more or if it is not worth the effort to convert it and publish it as a physical book. Robin
  15. Robin Madge

    Concertina Cases

    Depends on whether your reeds are in radial pattern or all parallel. Robin