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  1. Henk, if you organize something, please advise this friend too. Would love to come, too. Thanks Joachim
  2. Alan, thank you. Actually I am busy with Irish Music, since I am invited to play for Irish Seta Dancers. But no coubt I shall come back to your tutor and you will listen some resutl of my practicing. It is a big enjoyment to listen you playing. Henk, thanks for the advise where to find Alans Music,quite helpful for some folks.......as for me for example. I promis you you will very soon listen something I am preparing. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  3. Geo, I own a 40 button G/D Bastari and shall try to prepare fotos and mail to you if you allow. Thank you for your efforts writing thes repair advices for the Stagis. I recommend to contact Bob TEdrow, who has some advices for this matter and once had in his wb an article witing about upgrading Stagis. I could not find it today. But he should certainly have a copy. I use to be in contact with Piero Stagi and hope to meet him next at Frankfiurts Music Trade Fair and could speak with for more photos and better photos. If you allow, that I try this. It would be a pleasure to cpontribute in some degree to your initiative, for which I thank you once more. As soon I have your conformity, I shall contact Mr. Stagi. Kind regards Joachium Delp
  4. Bob, Congratulations ! It looks great, "wonderful". Perhaps it is not polite, but I see, that you have improved your makeing, from what I have known about two years ago, and I liked thos instrumetns too. But this is better. Would like top know how it plays. Kind regards Joachim Delp
  5. Bravo Jim ! Or ask me ! Accordeon is taught in San Sebastin in the Conservatorio de Musica and there are excellent Players. There used to be World Champions, but even now there are young players succesful in International Competitions. More popular is the Trikitxa, the Basque Melodeon and they know to handle it. And as Ken says, we know to celbrate fiests. Kind regards
  6. Hi Henk, today finally IU found some time to listen Tune-O-Tron and mp3. Well pñlayed. I almost hve learned, but than my Concertina makes problems. A Key sticking. Have sort it out in the evening. But thank you for placing the tume : Nice, easy and joyful and you helpful ! Thans and regards Joachim
  7. Please reserve the third one you find for me !! However Andrew, where do you live in Germany. I am German too and shall come beginning of <March to Germany (Frankfurt Aerea) Would like to know more ablut your Music and ismpossible try to play togehter. I own a Chemntizer made buy F Uhlig..., which is in good shape. I made it tune and revise and it also a beautiful box. At least you could have a look to it. I am not rteally keen to sell,. but would be ready for doing it, if somebody really likes it. I am actually concentrade on the anglo Concertina and have to fincae a master piece which is in construction. Joachim Delp My e-mail address is : JoachimDelp@aol.com Ich hoffe von Dir zu lesen. Mach's gut "
  8. Henk, thank you very much. Joachim Hope to find the time to learn it soon
  9. Al, I take yoir comments as a lesson. Always learning from you. In any case I am not so far away to come to the ppoint where you are. I do not referring to your plñaying skill. There I doubt that ever I can arrive. Waiting for listening and enjoying your new tune. If I would not understand that your are in love with music and your concertinas, I would ask you are worried about Alzheimer ? In any case it should be a good training for your brains and it shuld help to prevent it. As I always knew, the Concertina is recommendable for many reasons !! I wait for your tune. Thank you ! Joachim
  10. I shall wait than ? Patiently ! Regards
  11. Impossible Sharron, añlthough I do my best _: Hobbies are : My dog, which is obliges to listyen my Concertina Playing. Sometimes he tries to stop me. I have been playiung the Concertina while walking with the dog through our mountains. Cycling : I still have not. learned to play the concertina while cycling, but I took it with me and played in the pauses or rests. It happended that at the end we made less kilometers than planned in the beginning. Chess Playing : No chance since you cannot play Concertina and play chess at the same time, only with very bad partners, who need a lot of time to think for the next movwement.but it would be unfair, as he/she could not concentrate My wife : I love her, but she almost now a hobby, when she speaks to me IU can hold the Concertina iun my hands and move the buttons without noise, if not she would protest Why ? I ask. My children : Very imporetant, but compatibel, since I can play the concdertina with my youngest daughter and flute with oldest and guitar with her boyfriend, ...... sometimes Ny Business : well it has got the status of a hobby, at least today, when I have been busy here iun the Forum and playing the Concertina. O.k. today it maybe excused, outside people were celbrating Carneval and I must been the sole person sitting in his office. But, really some days I must control myself. Sailing : Thats goods, others control the boat, I observe and give instructions meanwhile I am playing the concertina. Good Food and Cooking : Food very important, but today I even have still eaten, Concertina Diet, you can loose 3 kgs. a week ! Cooking, also not bad, because meanwhile you can listen your CDs But as I started, very difficult to make compatible. It is true, the Concertina gives me a lot, but certainly iut has also its price, not speaking about the cost of Concertinas and Music and Books. Satisfied ? Joachim
  12. Hey Jim, now I am offended You mention all kind of great sessions. I remember one , was'nt it last year more or less in June in San Sebastina ? What has been this ? I guess a unformal session, but a very spontantous one : An English Concertina Palyer, one more Irish, a Spanis and a French Fiddler, an Irish Guitar and Manolin POlayer and singer, an IOrish Lady singing, another Irish young Lady, paying the Manolin too, occasionally a Bodhran and an Ameriocan English, Anglo Concertina Player and fantastic Tin Whistle Player. I only remember that the thing started about 10.30 p.m. and it finished about 3.30 am and the bar-keeper had really a problem to stop the musicibnas. No pause, some beer and some short visit to the toilet. I think it will be difficult to beat. and you do not remember it ? Well, I understand that it might not well fit into this topic, because of the lack of rules, perhps ? My family and I wiull not forget it. Thaks. Cordially Joachim
  13. Once more thanks to you all. For whom it interests, this Group has a Web Address : http://home.t-online.de/home/irish-set-dan...cers-frankfurt/. Builing the new page actua.lly and the olde one also in Engliush lANGUAGE. It is not an open session. It is a regular meeting of dancers and a group of Musicians is making the music for the dancers. Tehy are actually searching for a Concetina or Melodeon Player. I wish to try it. Certainly no money My impression is that it wil be relatively formal, German. From what I have learned here, I dpoubt that I will be able to perform well enough. Accepting several advices, I shall go and loo and listen and dance Will take my wife with me if wants to come and some of my numeropius daughters and one or the other friend of the girls. Will try to be discrete and record some music. Will by one or the of the recommended CDs and the Blue and Yello Nook Sharron recommends. And Iif I feel, I shall show my Concertina and if they ask I night play the best I can. And if there is interest for I may report about the experience. Thanks and Bye Joachim
  14. Thank you Jim Besser, thank you Henk, I have just listened the two fun tunes. I like them and certainly will try to learn them. Nobody wantys to play it on the concertina and put it in the Internet ? Courage ! Must I do iot some day ? Thank you idp for the info about the Great Meadow Music Label. Joachim
  15. Jim D and contributors, Me too I am intersted to get the Chord diagrams you mention here from Kirkpatrick. My e-mail addres is : JoachimDelp@aol.com My postal address is : Joachim Delp P.O. Bopx, 39 E-20.400 TOLOSA (gIPUZKOA) sPAIN i CAN OFFER TO YOU jIM AND OTHERS A COPY OF TWO tUROS i GOT GENEROUSLY IN kILVE (eNGLAND) from a Beginners weeked explainging chords with diagrams and tapes. I think I am allowed to prtepare copies. If you write me and tell me your interest and give me postal addres, I am preapred to send you a copy. Kind regards Joachim
  16. Thanks, once more, from heart for all your good advice. They are all useful to me. But you have given me so much information and advioce that I must digest it and think over. It sounds all ressonable to me, and naturally some of the ideas I had in mind myself. It is clear to me that I shall learn from the other musicians. The situation is most prtobably theone Jim Lucas has understood, but for the moment I am not totally sure, since I still have not met the other musicians. As it seems to me you might be interested in reading what I can tell you once made the first experiences. And so I promis to do. I have learned with you. Thanks. Regards Joachim
  17. Thans to all of you. The information is really helpful to me and calms me down a bit. To explain : There are people in Germany (Franklfurt) who organize set dances each MOnday (in a Clinic, part of an Univeristy) Have never seen them, do not how, what. There are two Twin Whistle palyers and one guitar and I am told occasional aslo an Irish Violine POlayer. They have contacted me for playing with them on my Concertina So I wondered if the few Jigs and Reels and Hornpipes as well as Polkas and Waltzes could serve. As I can read here : Most of the Tunes I have learned, could serve, but speed and rythm for a slgihtly advanced baginner as me ? Anyway I think I shall tgry it and if not the must wait until I have learned or find a better one, what might not be so easy in Germany. Bob, can you tellk me where to get the CD you recommend ? To avoid me long research, which is not easy for me. Dan, If you could find the information where to get the Music you are menitonning, would be great. Sharron, I'l,l check your info. Jim, as so often you are probably right. The matter should be to make music for Set Dancers or sets. I know that in Germany are relatively popular the Amercina Square DAnciong. You say that there are specific recordings. As far as I have been informed the Musiucians actually have still a limited repertoire. Such Recordings migjht be very well come. Can you fiund out and tell me where tio get such recordings ? Sandy, I 'll check O'Meills Music in IOreland. Neverttyheless, I would like to avoid to say it I have a low sight problem. And research cost me a bit. Do you have the complete addres ?, Jim could this be the place where to find the specific Set REcordings ? Kind Regards to all. Great thing the Forum !!! Joachim
  18. You are going to be more and more attractive as a Concertina Player. Coming into fdoubts if ever play together with you Joachim
  19. Jim, never have used the smileys before and this escaped my control Please Jim, takle your bocx and play for us ! Joachim
  20. I cannot read the ABC version, will anyway try to learn it. But sincerely until I will learn to play it, will pass long time. It is only halfway a joke, and I say it with a big smile : I am keen to listen to you. And I propose record on a tape if you do not have a MD Recorder. We shall put it into the Internt for you. There is no more excuse !
  21. Dear Jim, As Henk Says : Please play it for us and record it and place in the Internet, sow e can leaarn it by ear. (Ivcannot read ABC) Don't be shy or lazy por both ! Thanks Joachim
  22. They say there are no stupid quesions, only stupid answers.... I dare to ask : What kind of Music is played for the dancer in an Irish Set Dance ? I do not know it. I play some Reels and Jigds and Hornpipes and Flingds, Polkas and Waltzes, something iof all this is useful for a Iris Set Dance ? Thankls for the attentyion. Joachim
  23. Thanks Samantha ! Will try to find it anpother day in the Tune-O-Trone. But Ireferred m,ore or less to something saying that the Concertina Player is attracting to women as the mentionned Piano Player seems to be. I remember now another one, I heard song by Harry Bellafonte which says more or less : Bring down your Concertina and play a wellcome song for me. Will bring it to Sweden, where I hope to meet you. Kind regards Joacjhim Perhaps we can sing togehter something we may invent for the occasion.
  24. Thanks tio Bob TEdsrow's advise in the Gneral Discussion Forum. I took notice of your offer. Here is my order. Sjhall send you US funds to your mail address. Hope there will be enough suscribers, so all the job you have done, will be compensated and perhapos there is possible a later upgrade. Thanks for your iniitative. Kiund regards Joachim Delp
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