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    Irish music mainly on fiddle, now the anglo has a turn....oops my husband has pinched it.
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  1. So sorry to hear this very sad news. Sharron
  2. We had a little MG about 6 months old we bought from a garage.........many years ago. This was our pride and joy, but the car had a mind of it's own. We seemed to have a problem stopping it from *bumping* into things. Anyway, after about 6 weeks of ownership we had an accident...not serious but requiring a New *front end*. A few weeks after it was repaired my husband was filling it up with petrol at a garage and a gentleman asked about our car as he knew it's history. Apparently a friend of his owned the car from new and was on holiday when it acted up and was taken to a garage to be looked over. The mechanic took it out to test drive it as they couldn't find anything wrong with it. He unfortunately was killed instantly whilst driving the car. Now we knew nothing of this, yet we both believe the car was jinxed.....and this was a new car. Old instruments have probably a lot of stories to tell.......I don't want to hear them. The car by the way was sold pronto back to the same garage. So anything that has a *sense* about it doesn't get a look in........I don't want to know. People either love/loathe the old/new for whatever their reasons. I guess I am just downright superstitious now. Sharron
  3. I would love an open fire.......without the work Smokeless fuel is just not the same though.. We have an open fire......gas .....real flames and you could put the toast on a toasting fork and have *real* toast. My central heating broke down on Christmas evening and repaired Boxing day.......it is about 20 years old though. I think when I replace it I will get a NEW one Bringing *past owners* along gives me the creeps. I don't watch scary movies with ghosties in either. So I still would have the new. The pair of us have had old...very old...instruments and they have smells attached/places worn where *other* fingers have been.......gives me bumps just thinking about it As for making your own instruments.....yeah, it is nice......not cheap though. It started off as something interesting and a bit of a challenge especially as I have no woodworking experience at all. Made my first fiddle, 2nd fiddle and realised that I wasn't playing my 3 bought fiddles incl. a luthier made one......then by the 3rd fiddle I still wasn't playing them and sold them. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but as soon as I have my latest fiddle made I then don't play my previous ones. Bet the same will happen with my husband........he won't stop either. So buying or making there is still that elusive just out of reach instrument to strive for and that is BLOOMIN BRILLIANT Sharron
  4. Old fart I am one too Seriously though, personal preference for me is to have new instruments every time. The same goes for houses, furniture, etc. I have had old, especially with fiddles and they don't seem to solely belong to *me*.....they bring their past owners with them I play irish music exclusively and both fiddles and concertinas require upkeep/taking apart/repairs. Now old instruments will be *as new* if totally re-done.....and there is the catch for some people....cost. New instruments is a bit like having central heating installed.....all cosy and warm with a guarantee. Old instruments depending on the maker may have playability issues built in and I would expect that most do not play like another but have little differences depending on how they have been treat and restored. New would have less differences as the tolerances would have been sorted in the initial design. Cost of old instruments is not the only factor........for me is the worry that something may happen to it...beer spilled/damaged beyond repair, etc. We ended up buying and taking out a Morse as it could be replaced a lot more easily than the Jeffries. That meant the Jeffries was left behind and that is a shame. So give me new everytime. Sharron
  5. Springs, pads and bellows papers. Everything else made from scratch and think of many months in development and resurrection (cat with nine lives). Sharron
  6. Just in case anyone is interested in seeing his No. 1 Sharron
  7. Thanks Ian. I handed my concertina over to my other half willingly but sadly, as I already played the fiddle and he had developed a shoulder problem playing his beloved b/c boxes. Seemed only right and fair. Then I embarked on making violins, and am on to my fifth now, plus he is a toolmaker by trade, decided to join me in the workshop and make a concertina. Well the concertina has been designed/built/rebuilt several times now....as well as making a couple of boxes. If I can prise it away from his *grubby little hands* I might get to take some pictures He has one order and it has been booked and paid for. MINE! It is PAYBACK time for pinching mine in the first place Sharron
  8. I haven't been on this forum for a very long time I do have some input on this topic though. I started on a Morse anglo and then a Crabb and then......my husband got the bug and pinched them He then allowed me to play his Jeffries.....lovely, and then his Dipper.....lovely, and now he has made one, born on the 1st Jan '09. Without doubt the easiest to play is the Morse, the best sound, toss a coin between the Dipper and Jeffries. His new baby however is easy to play too action wise, and bellows......but then again I helped him with them, so they would be If I had to go shopping again, playability would come first (especially if you need to play with people). Then sound would come a high second if I played on my own, otherwise sound is mixed with other instruments and not so important. Upgrading instruments is a hugely successful trade and immense fun.....it never stops Sharron
  9. The one thing the B/C has is all the accidentals on 20 buttons. If you wanted to play in the irish style as with a B/C box it would be perfect. Then if you fancied a change, those accidentals are there to use without having to have the extra row. Makes sense to me as it keeps the cost down. Most boxes only have 20 or perhaps 21 buttons anyway, and you will find it hard to find an irish box player (music style) that have any extra buttons added. The kudos is in not needing them and the style that it gives the music. To me the english players playing on D/G boxes have the advantage (although disadvantage in not having the fully chromatic bit) is that they can play a G/D box without extra work also on 20 buttons. Sharron
  10. Hi Virgil, My husband is thinking ....hard to describe what that looks like.... about changing back to his beloved b/c accordions, which means he will have a Morse c/g anglo for sale. He has only had it 12 months. If you are interested let me know and I will sit him down and have a few words in his ear.......box his lugs more likely as he *stole* the concertina from me in the first place and now is about to steal my box too Men Sharron
  11. Well I haven't been here for a while, but I have asked the same question too in the past. Of all the concertina cds that I have...err...they creep up on you slowly until you are overwhelmed by them....my favourites have to be.. Kitty Hayes Tim Collins Elizabeth Crotty Probably in that order too.......these three have been played so many more times than all the rest..... Enjoy your search and prepare to empty your pockets.. Sharron
  12. I would not want to take the *fun* out of playing music by wanting to do it professionally.......some chance anyway If I take anything too seriously, errm well then the fun is ..whoosh...gone. A couple of little bits now and again is fine because it is just that, but to do it for a living, well I admire people who can and still enjoy doing it too. Me....nope...I need it to be fun without the extra pressure it would bring. Sharron
  13. Well I saw Jim when I was looking at the site over Christmas..... so that means he is out there somewhere. We are not ALONE Sharron
  14. Best wishes to everyone for the New Year. Now then Alan....err...who has been reading the Xmas cracker jokes then??? Sharron
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