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  1. @Joachim I'm from Regensburg and I'm in an band called Spielleut Pfennigfuchser. The site is under construction and especially Photos and mp3 will follow. We're playing medieval tunes but not neomedíeval - we're more classic guys! Frankfurt is a little bit too far for a student i think....sorry edit: Ich hab grad erst gelesen, dass du ja eine der von Uhligs Konzertinas hast; sieht so ähnlich aus oder ganz anders wär super wenn du evtl mal ein Bild posten könntest! @stephen You have it ? Can you give me some datas about your model - perhaps i build it myself. I think it isn't so difficult to do. But theres one thing i dont know - why, no concertina constructor, builds such a lovley instrument? It couldn't be that there are only two concertinas built like this! Keep on piping! (this is my standard sentense i ever write but what have to write in a concertina forum?) Keep on pushing and pulling? or concertinaing? Whatever Bye, Andrew
  2. @greno35: Perhaps this link could help you a bit: Bauteile Greez Andrew
  3. Hello! I'm from Germany and I#m playing a lot of instruments like bagpipe or shawns. Now I'm looking for a concertina but the only model i fell in love for is Carl Friedrich Uhlig's Concertina: Isn't it wonderfull? Ok, if searched at many internet shops but i didnt find any model which is looking similar a little bit. Can anybody help me to find such a lovely instrument! Thanks for reading Andrew
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