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  1. What the heck is going on here. Seems very fishy!
  2. Beautiful instruments, Ben! Nice to see Colin and Rosalie with one of their instruments. Is it amboyna? How does it compare to the Wifra?
  3. All really great advice. Like Bill, I'd emphasize that Kensingtons are a bracket above the others, having real concertina reeds but fairly close in price to the higher end hybrids.
  4. Since 2007 a few new makers have popped up offering mid range instruments, so you may have better selection now. Wolverton and Clare Concertina are two that spring to mind, but there are others.
  5. Bought the CD and gave it a few listens already. Really nice playing, excellent relaxed pace. That old Wheatstone sounds great!
  6. Hey Bill, its at the Fort William Historical Park here in Thunder Bay. Really cool place. I was there playing a wedding, and I only had my fiddle with me, otherwise I would have got a photo with him. I'll do that next time!
  7. Yea but I wouldn't say anything to him about it, the bugger's about 15" tall.
  8. Have you checked with Chris Algar? He always has some nice Jeffries in stock. There's a 38 button on his website currently.
  9. In my time playing, I've come across two different 26 button wooden ended Jeffries in C/G. In both cases, the owners loved them, and I was very impressed with the sound. I'm well set for my C/G concertina, but I've been lusting after a Bb/F and an A/E (or Ab/Eb) for quite some time. Has anyone ever come across one of those older 26 button wooden Jeffries boxes in Bb/F? I've never seen one myself, maybe they don't exist. But if they are out there, I will be on the hunt! I've heard of one in Ab/Eb (Greg Jowaisas had one) but wasn't looking at the time. Thanks!
  10. Ceemonster, Thank you for taking the time to put some of these memories down to share with us that will never have the privilege to play music with the likes of Dumpna. It brings so much more to her music. Such a glimpse into her personality and openness as a musician is what really puts more meaning in every note. Dympna, along with Mary MacNamara, were really the two players that made me think "ok, time to buy a concertina" when I first heard them. Her playing just had grace. I'll keep doing whatever I can to learn from her playing.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm only looking for a concertina-reeded concertina, which really limits the feasible options. Maybe I'm overly picky, but I owned a top notch accordion-reeded concertina once, and it always sounded wrong to me, maybe because my wife is a melodeon player and the tonal similarities were really apparent to me. I fully endorse them to those that the tone doesn't bother. Still hoping to find a 26 button rosewood Bb/F or Ab/Eb! I've been offered some lovely instruments, but nothing that falls within the ideal price to quality ratio yet.
  12. I had a great 20 button lachenal and there was plenty of music inside that box, and it had "the sound" which I loved. I moved to a 30 button to explore more keys but if you're willing to live with the limitations of 20 keys, they're great value. I'd love to one day find a really nice old 20 button made by Jeffries or their ilk, for those old tunes that just fall perfectly on the main rows.
  13. PM's sent to those of you with offers and leads.
  14. Good perspective, thank you. I guess I'm in the "get lucky or wait" camp, as its not an urgent need. I thought I'd put this post up, in case someone has something that is languishing. I missed out on Sean O'Fearghail's Bb/F, which I'm still kicking myself about - that would have been ideal for my current wants. I guess an ideal instrument for my range would be a 30 button Crabb, or by some rare luck, a 26 button Jeffries. I've had good luck with rosewood ended Lachenals also. I learned to play on a 20 button rosewood that I sold on this site, and it was a beautiful sounding and playing concertina. Learning Irish music on a 20 button also shaped my playing in a way that I appreciate, which makes me comfortable with 26 buttons. Not to discount the 60's Wheatstones - I'm sure there are good examples. The few that I've played didn't impress me as anything that suited my playing, but they are entirely a great value for some folks. I've also played some really, really high end concertinas that I also just didn't "click" with, but that others loved. I guess its like that with any musical instrument.
  15. Good eye, that is indeed a Bb/F. Unfortunately, I'm not particularly fond of that era of Wheatstones. There are some good examples out there however, but for now I'm looking for something slightly better.
  16. Greetings, I'm somewhat in the market for an anglo - 26-30 buttons, preference to a vintage instrument, but open to some current makers. I play Irish music, and find myself playing in sessions more often these days. Kind of hoping to stick to that elusive middle-of-the-road price range above hybrids, but below the top tier makers. Let me know what you have
  17. Excellent condition, two years old. Includes hard case and tool set. Nicely played in. I was wrong about Jeffries layout, its Dana's own layout which is close to Jeffries but slightly modified. $3000 USD SOLD
  18. I had Gregg Myers make me a dual-mic pickup system using his "feather" mics. It works extremely well and is quite elegant, I just haven't had as much need for it as I thought I would. The two mics attach either via suction cups or small clips to both sides of the concertina, and have a single output to a 1/4" jack. I'd be willing to sell it for $140 USD, shipped anywhere. Otherwise, I'll keep it as I'll need it eventually. Thanks, Patrick
  19. I'd be happy to put up a sound file and a review, although I don't have experience with other pickups to compare to. Paul will likely be able to offer more in that regard. I'm going from using two SM57's. As for price, it was under $200 CDN after shipping and exchange rate, so to me it seemed like a bargain.
  20. Well I couldn't take the suspense, so I went and ordered myself the same setup that Paul has. For the price, even if it isn't perfect, it will serve its purpose. The two mics are attached by a suction cup to the instrument, and they are linked to a belt pack. I'll report back when it arrives!
  21. Hey Paul I'm interested in the results - looking for something similar. What did he charge for the unit if you don't mind me asking?
  22. I bought a new Kensington last fall. The wait for me was just under 6 years, and the price was $3500. The concertina is fantastic. The lower price is reflected by the long wait, and there are few if any options aside from fitting the palm rests to your hands. Dana is extremely helpful and good to deal with. The tone is very full and warm, and the reed response is great. The wait may not be quite as long if you get on the list now, as I think he wasn't making many instruments for a time, but seems to be in full swing now. I've been surprised at the low prices that the last few used Kensington's have gone for on here - the instrument is far better than any hybrid I've played that cost just a few hundred less, and the action and reeds are better than any comparatively priced Lachenal that I've encountered. I think they just aren't known enough outside of the U.S, and Dana really needs to update his website!
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