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  1. Is that rosewood ended? How much are you asking for this?
  2. Spot on, yes all correct and brass reeds,how lovely to get some background. Mahogany ends btw. Lovely sound to it. Thanks for the info. It need some minor attention, I wonder if anyone knows of decent repairer in Oxford /London area?
  3. that's great, thanks Stephen-now i can start playing some tunes! adam
  4. Evening all, on spur of the moment i picked up a 28key lachenal anglo on ebay. I'm quite pleased with it but wondered if anyone could date it for me - serial number 167442, closest i can get is 1870-1930 also what's the accidentals layout likely to be? thanks in advance adam
  5. Evening all, I thought i'd share my recent emotional roller coaster with my new Lachenal 20 key with brass reeds. it's had some pretty heavy use what with my renewed motivation upgrading from a Scarlatti and to my dismay 2 nights ago I realised the a1 button not sounding! being a novice I had no idea why this might be- broken reed, a broken mechanism- i envisaged an expensive repair job and stewed over the posts describing these instruments as inferior and prone to breaking down. Boo hoo i thought. However, i stumbled across some threads here regarding fluff/debris in the reeds- with great trepidation I opened my anglo and after working out which reed it was I gently flicked it with a stanley blade and gave it a jolly good blow- Success! The note returns, and I can plough on with my Zelda iterations. What relief. The highs and lows of a new instrument. A great satisfaction in diagnosing and treating this simple problem myself. Has anyone had similar experiences?
  6. Thanks everyone, a great help- the idea of transposing tunes is i think going to important with my 20 key so will be looking into this more. Eminor fits well, thanks Jody. I will post my efforts shortly!
  7. HI All late to this topic but what is the attraction of a MIDI concertina?
  8. Thanks, i've seen this and it is a really great version; but I thin he has more notes available than me?
  9. oxfordanglo


    Evening all, Zelda- what a fab tune. I have a 20jey cg anglo, have worked out the tune in single notes but struggling to put a decent harmony to it as having to cross row onto the left side. There only one natural F of course on the right side of my instrument which restricts me- any ideas/suggestions- where am I going wrong! perhaps i just need to work harder at figuring a decent accompaniment within the limitation of instrument -that the fun hey? adam notation here http://www.cancoillottefolk.com/partitions/images/zelda.jpg
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. Yesterday I received a Lachenal 20keyCG Anglo with rosewood ends from Barleycorn.............And I am thrilled! The sound and play is a world away from my Scarlatti (which I've passed on to my 7 year old son much to his joy). The Lachenal seems a fine instrument; tight bellows and a lovely rich sound, sounds as though i've stepped back in time.It's much smaller of course than the Scarlatti, it feels like a real instrument. I've plenty to keep me going on 20 keys at the moment and Morris tunes look very accessible indeed. Doubtless I will want to upgrade in future but this instrument has given me the inspiration and excitement to push (or pulld!) onwards! Enough of the hyperbole! Thanks again for all the input. adam
  11. Bill crossland tuned it, someone else selling, looks like its been glued....
  12. See attached photo, lachenal rosewood ended 20 key, for sale at 350 apparently plays wells but I note this crack, tuned by a guy called Bill crossland. Worth a try or steer clear?
  13. Thanks, I was thinking the same; though limited it will be nice to play an instrument with some history and hopefully that sound....I'm listening to William limber as suggested by Gary coover and he certainly picked out a good tune only ever playing 20keys! It will keep me keen until I can justify going up to a 30 key plus wheatstone !
  14. Fred, have sent you a PM,I would be interested in taking a look at these, ap
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