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  1. As has been mentioned, a recording a few more pics wouldn't go astray.What about a recording of all the major scales being played?
  2. Hi, I am looking to buy a 2nd hand Morse C/G with Jeffries layout.Must be in good condition.Preferably in Ireland or the UK. Thank you
  3. Sorry palacinky,that should have read "Im looking for one" and not "I'm looking for you".I have changed it now
  4. Thank you everybody for your very helpful comments. Ceemonster, I think you may be correct in that seeing I am already into a not inexpensive price range then I may try for the best on all fronts. I am wiling to go the extra mile or so for a concertina reeded instrument but finding one is the issue at the moment.I'm in Ireland so the carriage and import duty from the US is sort of restrictive for ordering new for the Morse and was hoping to get one here.However the latest quote for a new standard from the Morse rep here is €2,700 and so am thinking that seeing that this is the price range being discussed it might be a case of going down in price for a second hand Morse if I can find one or going up a few bob to a concertina reeded instrument.I appreciate that I could buy a less playable instrument for more money than a Morse,or similar would cost, but you get my drift. I think it is just a case of going with the mid range best one I can find, see how I get on and if all is going well, order something like the Kensington from Dana,who's approach seems very worthwhile and to be admired.I will keep an eye out on all the buy and sell avenues and hopefully something will happen and also will check out all those mentioned by Ceemonster
  5. I'm looking for one but am in Ireland unfortunately in this instance
  6. Hi I am hoping some can help with advice, suggestions and opinions. All welcome. Having played ITM on the concertina some years ago, for about a year after some previous years on a variety of instruments, I would like to take it back up again, and would appreciate thoughts on a new concertina as I no longer have one. I don't have any great need for sessions so I'm thinking that would preclude the need for volume and possibly responsiveness in the way of speed. From research the best options seem to include the Edgley and Morse makes. I found a thread dating back to 2007 where comparisons were made and at that time Richard Morse seemed to mention that they might be doing some tweaking to make their Morse Ceili more suited to ITM? Has this happened? Would members be so kind as to offer on opinions on which is better or is it fairly equal? I did manage to ask one teacher who admitted to bias in favour of the Morse thinking the Edgley to be 'clunky'??? I see a Connors concertina for sale locally, would that be worth consideration with its genuine concertina reeds? Provided of course all was in good condition. Or would a new concertina be a better investment? Thank you
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