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  1. Hi all, Just putting the word out about the debut album from Edinburgh folk duo 'Rakish', of which I am one half - there's plenty of concertina on it for you squeezebox fanatics. rakishsongs.bandcamp.com
  2. Hi all, I have a student who has just begun on the concertina (anglo c/g) - she's been playing a Wren she bought from McNeela Music up until now, but she's had to send it back twice after reed failures, or, bizarrely, certain reeds not being in there at all! I thought it might be best for her to return the Wren for good and get something slightly better - maybe a lower end Lachenal or something. Her budget is probably around £1000. Anything out there?
  3. Hi all, I have a buzzing reed on my 38-button C/G Jeffries. Middle Bb on the pull i.e. first finger, outside row. I've tried the usual tricks of sliding stiff paper in and out and gently pulling it away from the reedpan - as far as I can tell, when I look from 'inside' the reedpan I can see light all around the reed so I guess it's not touching anywhere. But it's buzzing badly. Any ideas? Cheers K
  4. This concertina has now been sold elsewhere.
  5. This is now on Ebay: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/112767657144?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  6. Hello all, Following my recent acquisition of a Jeffries I am selling this Wheatstone I purchased from Ben in Toronto (via Ebay) a couple of years ago. It is in excellent condition as when I received it, in tune, with all the reeds sounding perfectly. The bellows are in mint condition. The rosewood ends give it a lovely tone which I have used for both Irish tunes and song accompaniment. It has been described by Chris Algar as an excellent example of the early post-WWII Wheatstone Anglo. I may add a sound file and/or take photos of the reedpans if anybody is interested. Asking price EUR2250, £2000 or equivalent.
  7. Aha - good tips everybody. I've always been advised that as I have a Jeffries with curved handrests it might be an even tighter squeeze! Well I'll see what I can dig up - I do a bit of leather work and like projects! I imagine if it has a handle up the side then the positioning should be fine for the concertina to be carried/sit on the ground with both ends.
  8. Hello all, I'm in search of one of those old leather concertina cases, used for Jeffries and the like. Thanks
  9. I have an excellent example of a mid-20th century Wheatstone (serial no. 52241) for sale, with rosewood ends and metal buttons. It is tuned to C/G, action, tuning, and general condition all very good. It has a mellow tone which has proven good for both Irish tunes and song accompaniment in my use of it, and I am only selling due to recent purchase of a Jeffries. I will post up photos when I get a chance, otherwise if anybody is interested to meet and try it out, I will be in Edinburgh for the next couple of days and then in Cork. Asking 2,250 euros, or £2,000.
  10. Hey, so I don't know much about these late Wheatstones, and I'm wondering whether it could serve as a upgrade from my (very decent) c. 1949 Wheatstone I bought from Ben a couple years ago. What is the action like on these? It looks like the reed pans are a bit less annoying than on my Wheatstone - the reeds just slide out like in good quality reedpans rather than being bunged in with clips. Anybody have any thoughts? In my kind of simplistic idea of Wheatstone production I have the impression that earlier is better but it would be good to hear other opinions...
  11. Yeah, I would have thought..I don't know, maybe £3,000? or even less?
  12. Hello all, My anglo search is progressing...Not least because I've gotten in contact with John Dipper and may be joining the waiting list - unfortunately it looks like it's 4 years! But one can wait, and hope.. In the meantime, my search for a more immediate upgrade has been narrowing to 38-40 button anglos, wooden-ended, and higher quality than my current 1949 Wheatstone. I found this c. 1939 Wheatstone on Hobgoblin music's website, which is at their shop in London. Their asking price is £4,550 which seems to be a bit high for a Wheatstone but just wondering what all of you well-versed box-players/makers/dealers think? They might be flexible on price but it's a music shop so I imagine they'll be more on the rigid side of the spectrum... https://www.hobgoblin.com/local/sales/products/SHLO20350/wheatstone-40-key-cg-anglo-concertina-we-mb-6f-sr-cp-circa-1939-absolute-stunner-with-original-hard-c/ cheers for any opinions/advice... Magpie
  13. Hiya, I've been looking for a Dipper as well but I've been unable to get in touch with John via e-mail or phone over the past few weeks - any ideas?
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