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  1. You are correct of course. I'd forgotten about the Jeffries duet.
  2. That's the "joy" of anglo - working within its limitations. Of course you can always stick with the anglo but go for more buttons!
  3. Apart from the general finger dexterity and (to some extent) bellows control, there is very little cross over between the three systems, as littleJohn suggests above, there is very little "Crossover" between the systems. You really have to think about them as completely different instruments. Some people will play more than one type of concertina, in the same way some peole might play both a guitar and a trumpet (but not at the sme time!).
  4. It always amazes me on how low the "Estimates" are on these things. We all know tht it will go for more tha £800, even if its a lachenal (correct me if I'm wrong). Is this a deliberate thing just to get peoples attention?
  5. On the other hand stainless steel laser cuts really well and easily.
  6. Ah, but playing the correct rythm but being heard will cause similar chaos. Perhaps they both should be first equal.
  7. To me, and generally speaking, there is a distinct difference in sound between Accordion reeded instruments (Hybrids) and traditionally reeded instuments. Far more difference, for example, than between a low end and a high end traditional reeded instrument (again IMHO). Which is better is completely a matter of individual taste. I prefer the traditional reed sound, others will prefer the Hybrid sound (And price!). The only real answer is to try out as many as you can across the whole range.
  8. CORRECTION: In an earlier post I said "Melodic Style". I meant "Harmonic style". It's my age you know.
  9. We were playing at a ceilidh (Melodeon) where the bride's mother took a tumble and was taken away in an ambulance (broken hip).
  10. I play a melodic english style, and contrary to what most people imply or state above I hardly ever consciously think about which finger to use, and consequently have no "Button X" means "Finger Y" rule. It all depends on what notes precede and follow the one(s) I'm playing. Obviously as a general rule the bigger fingers tend to play the notes nearer the chin and the little fingers tend to play the ones nearest the feet, but beyond that it's a case of what fingers are available in the required vicinity. Quite possibly it would fall to pieces if I were to try Irish trad type tunes & speeds.
  11. Totally agree. Just because a dance is, say, a 32 bar reel doesn't mean that any 32 bar reel tune will be a do (well it might "Do", but not be a good fit).
  12. Mine (36 key) has a push Bb on that button, so the top G is my highest note. I have seen other jeffries layouts with this as well.
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