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  1. What about a dashpot connected to a sprung centre return displacement measuring device, so that when pushing/pulling the sensor is displaced, but at rest it returns to it's central position. This would have the advantage of allowing some movement in the "bellows", more like a real concertina, although there might be a bit of a lag in the sensor returning to zero. Actually, think about it as I type, have a dash pot with a pressure sensor, which would allow movement, but return to zero instantly when you stopped pushing/pulling. The amount of movement under pressure could be adjusted by altering the bleed rate on the dashpot (you could even simulate running out of air!). You could choose the dashpot diameter to give a realistic total force between the ends, but obviously the pressure in there would be much higher than in full bellows area, and so, possibly easier/cheaper to measure. Addendum: Obviously you'd need some sort of bellows framework to make the two ends move relative to each other in the expected way. OR you could just use a real concertina! No batteries to go flat, no ampliiers to lug around!, but reeds to go out of tune, and no "Dial a key/layout" feature.
  2. Alex, I might be interested in a couple. What sort of price would they be, assuming you reach the required 10 pieces?
  3. I wonder if the left hand side is a very small accordion type bass, as seen on some very small piano accordions.
  4. Doesn't cross the Atlantic too well!
  5. I would say make your default to lift the finger on a direction change. If you then want to selectively keep the button down for effect then it is a fairly easy thing to do. If you make keeping it on during the reversal your default then taking it off on occasions is more difficult. Personally I nearly always take the finger off, as I think that it sound snappier. If you really want the lagato effect then you're better off finding the reversal note on another button in the same direction (if it exists).
  6. The thing is that, yes, they are different, but 90% or so of the notes (on a 30 key) are in the same place in both systems, so nothing like as dramatic as the difference between B/C and C#/D melodeons (If trying to play in D). That would be more like comparing a C/G anglo with a Bb/F anglo for playing in the key of D.
  7. The problem I have with salvage hunters, bargain hunt, antiques road trip etc. is that the people all know that they are on the telly, which I am sure affects the negotiation process and the final agreed price. After all, no one want to look like a pratt on the telly.
  8. He's managing very well, given the state of the straps.
  9. Good job he's not trying to set up business in Australia!
  10. Seems an awful lot of effort to make something that sounds Awful!
  11. Keep your fingers moving! Drumming the finger tips as quickly as you can and individually. Also some stretching exercises to improve yor span. (It might not actually increase your span, but will make reaching it more comfortable).
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