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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2240273277/permalink/10158151556318278/
  2. Hi Bill, of course you can do that! As well around the reed. I do this whenever I have to check if there is something stuck...
  3. Talking about dates I’ve got a question: is there a rough guess when Lachenal started using metal labels instead of the paper ones? Particularly for New Models... sorry if it has already been answered elsewhere. thanks
  4. A good evening everyone , I would like to buy a Model 22, preferably from the 1920s. Ideally it’s in a good condition - I’d like it to be ready to play. A good tone is more important than loudness. Maybe there’s one sitting on a shelf somewhere, I’d be glad to give it a new home. pls don’t bother to answer here - a pm would be nice. thanks!
  5. I was worrying once about the dry air in my flat during the winter. A friend of mine said this to me: „your instrument is 100 years old, survived two world wars, has been played in the winter and summer, pups and all different places. And you think it won’t survive the next winter?“ that helped me to relax.
  6. It is a matter of preference. The reason why I bought a second concertina, a wooden-ended one, was that I wanted a soft and pleasant tone. But I have to admit: when it comes to the look of a concertina I was and I am a big fan of the metal-ended instruments...
  7. My point of view, I´ve got two concertinas, both Lachenal New Models, one is metal-ended the other has wooden ends. I just recently played the metal-ended one in England, not many players but noisy pub. I could clearly hear every single note I was playing but people started moving away from me. A metal-ended instrument, and I´m afraid I´ve got one of those, can be very loud, almost harsh and trumpety. The wooden-ended one is much much softer but has a very good dynamic range. It can be played very softly and is as well a good session instrument. Although the metal-ended one has a good dynamic range as well, it will always sound, well, very dominant. Best thing (when having the chance next time) is to try different instruments and choose which one suits you best. Christian
  8. have you seen his ideas? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmEPTosZ44g
  9. Just found and thought that it belongs here.Very nice idea... Christian
  10. Oh David, these are sad news. But don´t give up looking - some years ago I bought an accordion which was stolen from a friend of mine in Hungary. Christian
  11. I am going to leave it here for a little while, than it´ll have to go to ebay... Christian
  12. Hello, I would like to sell a concertina which I bought this year. The reason for it is that I have two other concertinas that I play regularly and this one is more or less just sitting in it´s case. So, it´s a 48 key English tenor concertina meaning it´s starting on the low C and going up to f3. Six fold, air tight bellows that allow a good compression, domed keys and an air button on the right hand side. # 36628 - well, at least I do think so. It´s hard to read (see last picture) and inside (besides the stamp 6E, which is the model number I think) you can see the number 853 on both reed-pans. The case shown on the pictures is of course included. Well, I know it´s a post WWII instrument but it is in good condition and a reliable player. The only thing which might need to be replaced are the thumb-straps. They do the job but won´t last many years. Any questions left? Don´t hesitate to ask and if prefered I could upload a video of the instrument being played (although it might take a little while). I am open to serious offers via pm - thanks. Christian
  13. Hello folks, a couple of days ago I placed a bid on a Wheatstone concertina and won the auction (not very high, actually). Looks a bit different than the metal ended examples here but has a serial number in the 36xxx range. It´s supposed to arrive in a few days and if there is interest I might tell a bit about that instrument as well. Christian
  14. Valve = Ventil (these little leather things next to the reed) air valve = Luftknopf Christian
  15. So, Mr. Algar got it for 671 Pounds. Actually I was trying to place a bid as well but the system blocked other countries than the UK and although the seller wrote to me that he had changed it it wasn´t possible. Christian
  16. Hello, a little addition here - it´s a Wheatstone Boyd. Christian
  17. I wrote an email to the given address and received a reply that this site hasn´t been updated since 1997. And yes, it´s now the Music Room. Christian
  18. as well as instruments with bellows in general. Among accordions it is a very common way of playing. I came across this video and if you jump directly to 3:40 you may see it done very nicely. Christian
  19. Hello, maybe I can add something to this thread living in this country Having joined dance teams and different music groups I acutally never came across these German concertinas actually being played. When you visit antique and flee markets and that sort of business you´ll always find these instruments in huge amounts. Especially in the region where I live you´ll often find people playing these big square thingies (chemnitzers or bandonions or whatever they are called). We had family gatherings for example having musicians playing the music on them. Having been to the concertina gatherings there are always people playing the German Concertina but compared to the other systems I think they are not widely spread. In the south of Germany you´ll find more often (well, not melodeons) these diatonic button-boxes which are as well a part of the Austrian folk music. Every four years there is a huge accordion championship in Austria and there is always one category for these diatonic accordions. Greetings Christian
  20. I´ve got an old chemnitzer (or whatever that is) and maybe I´ll win the price with that one. As soon as I have a new digital camera I will post a picture of the bellows - although the interest might be limited, I know Greetings Christian
  21. Hello Dan, I´ve got this tune book and you might find in there what you are looking for. Greetings Christian
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