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  1. I am selling my prized Wheatstone Aeola 64 key baritone/treble english concertina. I bought the box last year and had it restored to immaculate condition by David Robertson earlier this year. The box was a very large investment and I have played it only a couple of times due to its size and weight. I figure that the investment is best spent elsewhere on more practical things. I have listed the box on Ebay but am also happy to sell privately. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281414833366 Please contact me if you would like to know more. David
  2. In case anyone is interested, I have put on EBay a brass reeded, wooden ended, metal buttoned Lachenal (approx late 1870s - based on serial number calculation) Please feel free to message me if you might be interested. David http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281221586241
  3. Just posting again in the hope that someone may have encountered my concertina lost at Clapham on 28th June 2012. I believe the box was left in a taxi in a gig bag on my way home from a Morris dance event. Please contact me on 07533 635 116 if seen. Cheers David
  4. I will honestly put my hands up and say that I am an idiot and that perhaps this particular box is cursed as I have now twice left it in a taxi. I should also say that I have other concertinas and melodeons and I have never over several years managed to lose or leave any others behind. So, deja vu - on Friday night around 11:30 PM, I got a taxi from Clapham Junction to my flat in SW11 London. I was carrying three bags as I had been out on a morris tour. I again left the instrument in the back of the taxi and realised too late that I was missing something. Pictures are attached. I had put name tags on the instrument's hard case, but I had it in my gig bag that night - which of course was un-labeled. If I get the box back, I am going to bungee cord it to myself from now on and most likely affix something to the box itself with my details. If anyone comes across the box, I would be most grateful for any information. Should probably just go and drown myself now. Have notified TFL, Clapham Junction station and put postings on a local forum. Thanks again.
  5. Hello. A few years ago I saw a copy of a couple of pages from Frank Butler's Concertina which had some great exercises. Have been looking for a copy - paper, electronic or book but have not had any luck. Not sure why his first concertina book is so easy to find in pdf form but the second is very difficult to obtain anywhere. If anyone knows where I may be able to get a copy it would be much appreciated. Cheers, David
  6. Hello everyone. Just wanted to share the great news that I have been reunited with my box this morning. Ended up incredibly lucky in that the next person who hailed the taxi found the box and decided to spend time trying to find the owner. He eventually contacted Steve Dickenson, having done a google search on Wheatstone, who saw this posting and put me in touch with the finder.
  7. Hello all. I did something incredibly stupid this past Saturday evening around 7:30 PM. I had been at an all day session and yes some beer had been consumed and on my way home I seem to have lost my wheatstone tenor english concertina. I am known to be absent minded but am usually obsessively careful with my musical instruments - having been trained from youth. I am fairly sure that I left it in a taxi going home from Clapham South (London) .. I had a couple of melodeons with me as well and didn't realise that I was missing the concertina until I started to unlock my door at which point the taxi was already gone. I guess it may have been left on route from Pimlico to Clapham South station - Victoria to Northern lines ... but I think I would have noticed sooner ... hopefully. I have attached a couple of pictures here but the box was a 1960s make 48 key tenor box - metal ended - black and inside a black case. The top Eb on the left hand side doesn't sound on the draw and the D# also left side one octave down warbles on the draw. Have notified TFL and the police but the person who answered at TFL lost property office didn't know what a concertina was and I am not sure she understood my explanation. So I am gutted and not with much hope at present. If anyone encounters the box I will be happy to offer a reward for its return. Sadly, I had reached the point where this was my favourite box to play. My mobile number is 07533 635 116. Cheers, David
  8. Looking to sell my Morse Tenor Geordie english concertina. Purchased in May from The Button Box in the States, box is in excellent condition, has fast and responsive action and a lovely rich sound. New the box cost around £1800.00 and I am willing to consider any reasonable offers. Anyone around London would be welcome to try out the box and give it a play.
  9. Hello: I have just recently acquired a Jackie and am on the journey to begin learning to play the English Concertina. I live in London and would very much like to find a teacher to work with on the beginning stages just to make sure I start off with the basics and fundamentals correct before acquiring any bad habits that will hamper me down the line. These kinds of things I have always found difficult to pick up from a book. Is there anyone on the forum who is London based who offers lessons in English Concertina or can recommend someone to me or a place where I might be able to locate a teacher. Cheers, David
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