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  1. Thanks Wes, I have also found a photo of an English Wheatstone with glass buttons but no Anglo , it’s in D/A tuning , appears to be a bit of a rarity.
  2. I bought a Lachenal Anglo 38 glass button from a Car Boot many years ago, its a wreck and still in want of repair, there was only a couple of glass buttons remaining and my question is has any body a picture of one its metal ended 38 keys, I have never seen one . not many made probably.
  3. Got the same one Alan at a Car boot sale, make nice earings.
  4. thanks Cohen, already seen that one a while back, not up to the job I`m afraid
  5. I know they are very rare but its worth a try, it must be in top condition, not asking much is it. I have only ever seen one and that belonged to Keith Kendrick,
  6. I feel very privileged to of waited only 11 years for my wonderful F/C Anglo in the lower scale it was well worth waiting for, a fantastic instrument and a great source of pleasure as I`m sure yours will be.
  7. One of my finds, any ideas of the date etc
  8. Thanks, I think you're right
  9. One from my postcard collection, just thought someone might have heard of him. On the back is written, sketch by L. Smith,9 Vespa st, Widnes. Vespa in the address is not very clear, could beVesyph
  10. Thank you all for your help and advice, I now have a nice box
  11. Please contact me if you have one for sale in the U.K., thanks in anticipation
  12. I have a Jeffries/ Crabb 26 button in B / F# and has a lovely tone. It could be for sale.
  13. I have a cottage for Folk Week from 11th until the 19th of August in central Broadstairs we have Double Room available if interested for the whole week or part of the week please contact me, Concertina players most welcome,
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