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  1. If anyone has a line on where to get a 48 button Crane Duet, let me know. Also if you have any idea on pricing that would be great information to have. I know to look on Hobgoblin, Button Box and Ebay. Ideally I will want to check out the instrument physically before buying it. That means preferably the sale would happen in the San Francisco Bay area. Any thoughts, ideas, etc you think would be helpful please let me know.
  2. Now to start looking for a Crane likely 48 button duet. Will post in the buy / sell forum.
  3. Smiling, I can almost see you playing, walking around the house and scaring the wife. 😉
  4. Thanks for all the great information. A lot to digest. I recently purchased an Elise duet. Love how logical the layout is. I definitely am looking for a chromatic instrument as I want to play various types of music including jazz. My hands are medium. I was led from Hayden to Crane. From what I learned above I need to make the buttons to weight decision. Price is another factor to consider. I am not necessarily decided on Lachenal any thoughts on this.
  5. Looking to get information on Duet Lachenal Crane Concertinas. Looking to find out the following information for various sizes; weight, inches across the flats, and any pro's and cons to each one. I understand there is a 42 Key, 48 key and 55 key version. Not sure if there are any with more buttons or not. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
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