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  1. It does have a wonderful tone and I will still feature concertina in my videos. My name finally came to the top of the list for a custom Wakker concertina.
  2. Most of them yes, there are a few where I play a couple of other concertinas.
  3. 1923 Wheatstone Aeola 48 Key Treble Up for sale is my 1923 Wheatstone Aeola, 29629, 48 Key Treble concertina. I bought this from The Button Box in 2010 and it's been back once in 2019 for some new valves, a new pad, a spring and some tuning. It's in excellent condition and plays easily. It has wonderfully warm tone without sacrifising volume so you can be heard easily in a crowded session. It has two cases, the original all leather Wheatstone case which is not in the best of shape and a Button Box fitted case with vinyl exterior. You can have one or both if you want to pay for shipping two cases. $3500 + Shipping
  4. It is just as responsive as my Aeola, I really don't know what Victorian reeds sound like.
  5. So I guess I'm the one who is confused, I thought my Soprano concertina was the standard model but apparently it is not. Mine is pitched from from F to F and I have made a crude layout because I couldn't find one online. See attached.
  6. No not my words, those are Wim's, it is a standard E4 Soprano concertina and the key layout is like a tenor concertina only the notes are pitched an octave higher. You can use the same fingering patterns as on a treble, you just start in a different place, if that makes sense.
  7. Wakker E4 Soprano Concertina Up for sale is a 12 sided Wakker E4 soprano concertina, 42 keys pitched from F4 to F7 with air release button, 5.5” wide, weighs 2 lbs., Amboyna wood with gold keys/fittings and a Wakker fitted case. I originally thought I would use it to play harmonies with my Aeola but I never have and probably never will. I had the instrument retuned and re-voiced by Wim in 2018, he said this about this E4: “The instrument is based on a tenor treble, as most sopranos are. This particular instrument has an extended range down to F. The central C, is the 2nd button from the bottom on the left, not the first as on a standard treble. It plays just like a normal treble as long as you start on the right button. This concertina is one of only a few E4 models with vintage reeds, something we occasionally did in those days. The reeds in your instrument are 1880 Wheatstone. The reeds in your instrument are pretty good. After voicing and tuning it has a bright sound with even and clear harmonics. Your instrument is in very good condition and is only one of 3 with gold buttons and fittings.” $3200.00 or best offer + shipping + Insurance. Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZiSRO-eHgA
  8. Ideally I'd like to get what I paid for it, around $4000.00 but I'm willing to go lower, so if you want to make an offer you can send me a PM.
  9. Ditto for mine as well, no heat, no warmth. The ends on mine have some sort of clear coat on them so the ends are glossy not like tortoise shell I've seen elsewhere.
  10. I personally could not say with any certainty if the material is natural tortoise shell or not. I have heard that certain knowledgeable people can tell by burning a small piece of the material, I'm not willing to do that to a high end concertina!!!
  11. Wheatstone Aeola with raised tortoise shell ends. Model #17 Serial Number 33234. Made in 1934. 50 keys with air release button, 6-fold original bellows, steel reeds, riveted action, original leather case. It has the standard 48 key layout with the addition of a high D#/Eb on the left and a high C#/Db on the right. It has recently been tuned and overhauled by The Button Box. A change in my financial status dictates that I can no longer afford to have more than one top of the line concertina. All reasonable offers will be considered. I'm in the Santa Cruz mountains in California if anyone wants to come by and play it. It's really a wonderful sounding instrument.
  12. Thank you all for the advice, I was finally able to get the reed pan out, I switched the reeds but I also noticed that the push valve was not seating properly, so I straightened it out and put everything back together and it all works fine now. Thanks again for all the good advice.
  13. I have a Wheatsone 48 key English concertina that recently has developed a wheezing out of tune sound on the push side of the low F#. I'm not sure what's going on but I thought it might be a problem with the valve so I opened it up but I couldn't pull out the reed pan to take a look at the valve. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with the note and how to repair it?
  14. Wheatstone 48 key treble concertina. Made in 1929 Serial # 32354. Metal ends, six fold bellows and air release button. Comes with a blocked Button Box hardshell case. $2500.00 http://img25.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=...0_122_410lo.jpg
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