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  1. Sold on E Bay on 5/22/2011. Thanks.
  2. geoffwright, why are you so rude ? I am new to concertina and of course I have lot of thoughts and questions, that I like to ask and/or share on this forum that is a wonderful source of knowledge for me. Some of these questions could be seen as naive or a bit stupid, but if you don't like them just ignore them, and use your time -as yourself suggest- to play concertina instead of criticizing other forum members.
  3. Thank you Frank. By the way, I just purchased your instructional DVD and it is just great. Perhaps it will help me to play my Rochelle and one day I will be able to get one of your beautiful concertinas. On a separate note, can you tell me which is the accordion shop still open in Windsor ? I live less than one hour drive from there.
  4. I play a bit of accordion and am a beginner concertina player (well, I should say learner, for now), so I looked online and put on my "favorites" the web addresses of the two most popular accordion and concertina forums: concertina.net and accordionist.org. Now here is the weird story: on paper, it looks like the accordion, even if not as popular as in the past, is far more popular today than the concertina. For example, there are many more online stores that sell accordions than concertinas. Here in Michigan (another example) there is one of the biggest accordion stores in the United States (Castiglione accordions in Warren) while it is almost impossible to find a store that has a concertina. But... after having followed the forum Accordionist.org for weeks, I noticed that the forum is almost dormant,i.e. deserted by members.I The current threads are the same as weeks ago, with rare new answers from the Forum members. And, unless I am wrong,this is the only real accordion forum that I have been able to discover. While Concertina.net is very alive and well: every day there are new threads, and members contribute with tons of answers and opinions. A bit like Chiff and Fipple for flutes and whistles, or the Acoustic guitar Forum for acoustic guitars. How do you explain that ?
  5. But everybody says that the Elise Hayden is too limited with 30 buttons, and I do not have the money, at least in my early search for the ideal concertina, to invest in a vintage Duet.
  6. Well I just purchased a Concertina Connection Rochelle on E Bay! the seller says it is the new upgraded model and that the concertina is one month old and in perfect condition . See link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120712792662 Rod and OCD: as you can see, I dither no longer ! This has been an interesting journey: I started with the option of an English in mind, perhaps a Duet, and I am ending up with an Anglo ! I will get the concertina in one week. I'll let you know how I feel with it. In the meantime.. back to my small 26 keys/48 bass piano accordion.
  7. Rod and Geo... Done deal ! I will get a 30 buttons Anglo and stick with it for a while and see how it goes. Thanks everybody for the kind and detailed suggestions and point of view. Now, the challenge will be how to find a 30 buttons Anglo that does not cost a fortune. I see that there are at least three offers on the market: Rochelle by Concertina Connection, Hohner 60/8, and Excalibur Anglo, bt JimLaabs Music. All of them cost between $ 300.00 and $400.00. Stagi also makes a 30 button Anglo but it costs over $ 600.00. Any opinion ? Thanks again.
  8. Thank you. Why the Elise is a waste of time ? because it has a limited amount of buttons, or because is a Hayden ?
  9. "Friend, are you sure you're not looking for an accordion? They've even got special buttons for melodies and accompaniments. " Yes I have an accordion indeed ! And I like it. But I would like to spend some time learning the concertina, and I am struggling to understand which kind of concertina would be best (for me). The reason why I am asking questions about melody and accompaniment capabilities is not really because I pretend to "duplicate" on a concertina what I do on the accordion, it is mainly because I play just for myself, solo, not in a band or ensemble, and I'd like to choose, among the three types of concertina -English, Anglo, Duet- the one that is more satisfying for this purpose. Example: many years ago I learned, briefly, to play a bit the trumpet. But finally I gave up because, playing alone, I found it quite boring to play only melodic lines.
  10. Speaking about the you tube video that you both suggest, yes there are chords but in my humble opinion this is not really a separate accompaniment, it is more an embellishment and an enrichment of some parts of the melodies with the use of chords. Of course, I wish I could play so well. But my point is: I guess that with the English concertina it is not really possible to play a melody and an accompaniment as you can do with a piano or a guitar,. Oddly enough (please correct me if I am wrong) I have seen some You tube videos where this task seems to be better achieved with an Anglo concertina ! (And of course, with duet concertinas). In fact, it looks like the Anglo, having a separate set of notes on both sides, and not requiring to move from one hand to the other as often as an English concertina, could allow to play a melody on the right hand and an accompaniment on the left hand, especially in some keys that are typical of the Anglo. Then, if I can re-submit my initial question (with some changes, due to the fact that a Duet is so rare and there is not so much instructional material) : what is the better concertina to play melody and accompaniment ? The Anglo, or the English ? Or, putting it in simple words, which of the two is the most complete instrument for playing solo ?
  11. Well, in all honesty, it seems to me that what the English concertina player is doing is adding ornaments to the melody, while the Duet concertina player really can play melody and chords separately and fully.
  12. Thank you heavyweight boxer. Question: when you play chords on an English, do you use both sides of the concertina for the same chord, or just one side ? I mean: let's say that a chord is made of three notes. Do you play all three notes on the same side of the concertina, or you spread them between the two sides ? I am asking the question because I have an English on rent (Jackie) and I have the "Handbook for English Concertina" tutor from Roger Watson. There is a full page of diagrams with chords, but they are all on one side or the other. I find it difficult to press three adjacent buttons with three fingers all on one side.
  13. In your E Bay auction you say that you tried to adjust to the Hayden System but finally you went back to the English concertina. Do you mind to elaborate a bit ? I have an English concertina for rent and would be interested in trying a Duet, but I read so different and controversial opinions about this kind of concertina that I am totally confused. (By the way,up to today, Wed April 20 at 10:12 pm Eastern Time, I am the high bidder..) Thanks ! :-)
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