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  1. Hi everyone! My english concertina (Lachenal 48 New Model) is required a tuning, I can't do it by myself (no experience at all), and there are only accordion masters nearby (Moscow, Russia), who doesn't want to work with concertina reeds.... But next week I'm going on a work trip to Scotland (mainly Montrose), so I was wondering if there is a chance to find someone who can help and located not so far away (Edinburgh or Aberdeen maybe?) Thank you!
  2. Good evening! I hope everyone here is in good health! Just wanted to update information about the further story of the concertina I wrote about. It is tuned, a bit refurbished and in good loving hands now (my wife's ), played every day. Inexplicably, another instrument that got lost in Russia knocked on my life. Firstly I decided to ignore it, but then I was cought by the idea of playing duo on concertinas with my wife! This concertina is Lachenal, 48 buttons "New Model", as I understand after my research. Can anyone advise a bit more information about this concertina? Here is the links with some photos. It is in quite good condition, need some light repairements (though I didn't see the mechanics yet). https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19YBPDYvdIdcGMdn2cXCq_H7BFg1DzOAE?usp=sharing Regards, Aleskei
  3. Thank you Alex! And what about the button holes in boards? What material might be there?
  4. By the way, the end bolts are the same type but for some reason the three of eleven (I don't count the one which is broken) are 3,15 mm length, other are between 2,95 mm length. Shouldn't they be identical?
  5. Good morning! Thank you for your replies and advices. Well, I indeed do not have a lot of experience in restoring, but I do not wnat to rush with this instrument and definitely I do not think that the restoring of concertina is and easy task. For now I've made a list of things I think should be repaired at first: Replace the non-original springs. Replace the pads with original thickness (thanks Alex and Geoff). Replace the valves. Replace broken end bolt. Replace the felt in the buttons where there is no felt. Replace felt (is it felt?) on the reedblocks. Replace the felt (again, is it felt?) in the button-holes of the boards. Clean the inside/outside of the boards. Replace the posts and small wooden blocks made to hide the screws of thumb straps and finger rests; replace the srews. I'll try to work with the crack on the right side board. I'll try to restore the thumb straps. I won't try to tune the reeds myself, I have a friend who is an accordion master in my town, hope he can help me with tuning. Can anyone tell me, is "concertina-spares dot com" ok to buy there springs/end balt e.t.c.?
  6. So, here are some detailed photos of this concertina. By the way, I've found the number inside - 22349. Concertina photos In overall: There are couple of cracks on the fretworks - really bad on the right side and not very big on the left. The boards itself is quite worn out near the bottons. One of the screws is broken. The mechanics seems to be fine on the right side, on the left side some bottons are without felt and moves freely. The pads are worn out and aren't cuddle well. The back sides of the boards are also really shabby. All reeds are in place. On the right reedblock there are several small cracks on the bellows side. Bellows are airtight, but also worn out. Actually it is my first english concertina and first upcoming experience of restoration :). I believe that this forum has a lot of useful information that will help me. But I'd much appreciate any advice from more experienced people here on the forum. Thank you! Aleskei Upd. About the history of this concertina. As I understand the lady, who sold the instrument, it was in the family of circus actors since the end of XIX - begining of XX century.
  7. It seems to me that this instrument is more likely to be 48-key Lachenal than Wheatstone (the framework is too similar to the picture). Anyway I bought it, I'll send more detailed photos soon.
  8. Thank you, Geoff and Stephen! Stephen, and what does riveted reed means?
  9. Greetings! I've found an advert in my town, the lady sells an old concertina, but she has no idea who is the maker, ther is no marks on it at all. Maybe someone on this forum can advise any information about this instrument? Kind regards Aleskei
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