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  1. Looks very nice and you obviously enjoy playing it and that's what matters.
  2. Very enjoyable, you play a wide and varied repertoire which makes listening to you a different experience each time. Thanks Simon.
  3. Sorry Wolf but I fear you may well have a long wait till I am confident enough to post a soundfile....but I shall persevere....?
  4. I've collected my Aeola from Steve, he had it exactly four weeks. I have to say I am absolutely delighted with the work carried out, it plays so well now, a real pleasure. The difference is amazing and I am really 'over the moon', Steve has done a wonderful job and I cant thank him enough. There is no excuse for me now, so its head down and really learn how to play and get the best from this lovely instrument.
  5. Is there a so called 'golden or good period' as far as the Edeophone is concerned. Also, is it true to say they were as equally as good as the Aeola?
  6. Wow, that is quite different from what I normally listen too. Excellent!
  7. Spoke with Steve today and the good news is he should have it finished this week. I will be collecting it in person, a round trip of about 850 miles. If at all possible I'll collect over the weekend.??
  8. Happy to report Steve has emailed, as you say he has a few problems, so all is well. See you there
  9. I trust your assumption is correct Pianist, hopefully see you at the Squeeze.. ?
  10. I hope to travel from the Glasgow area to the Squeeze. However, I'm not sure it will happen, although I completed the online application form on 16th March and my £25 deposit went through on the 18th, to date I have not heard a thing. I have also emailed Steven Bradley twice but nothing so far.... Hopefully this is just a blip and I'll hear something within the next day or two, fingers crossed.. Anyone else from this forum going?
  11. To be fair Geoff, the seller did offer to sort the slow responding keys if I took it to him and he would do it while I waited. He also offered me my money back. However, by this time I had fallen in love with the box and wanted it to receive the best attention.
  12. Steve let me know during the week it also required a new wooden bushing board, on the RH side. Fingers crossed the wait wont be too long now.
  13. A warm welcome to you Cursing Llama. Pretty sure you will find this forum helpful and interesting.
  14. Glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem.... Some of the solutions look interesting.
  15. Would be interested to see how that works... Alas, I have no idea what a 'bowing' valve is..
  16. I am happy to report that my latest instrument can be played quietly, so it is no longer a problem.
  17. Thanks John but my concern is because last weekend I signed up to advertised weekend in May and have transferred a £25 deposit but so far haven't received any sort of acknowledgement, I hasten to add I have also sent two emails direct to Steven.
  18. Does anyone know why the SWALEDALE SQUEEZE Yorkshire link above is not working? I have an interest because I haven't received a reply or acknowledgement from the organiser Steven Bradley after making an initial £25 deposit for the event. I hope all is well???
  19. Thanks Geoff, I already have this excellent CD, thoroughly recommended.
  20. Thanks Wolf. I guess there wasn't any so called major improvements during the period 1890-1930
  21. Thanks Wolf, I understand what you are saying. However, I just wondered, from a technical point, when was the last upgrade that is generally accepted as being an improvement to the instrument?
  22. Thanks Geoff, its seems there are no easy answers as far as these instruments are concerned...
  23. That's something for me to look forward to then! ?
  24. Sounds exciting. If they came to Glasgow I would go to see them but Dublin is a little too far.
  25. Geoff, With the Wheatstone Aeola, were their any beneficial changes (or otherwise) in construction between 1890 and 1930? Thanks for the info on the CD collection 'English International'. I have ordered it and waiting on delivery, should be with me by Fri this week.
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