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  1. Here’s a wee video I made with great Scottish fiddler Adam Sutherland last week. If you’ve any ideas for technique or tunes videos please say!
  2. SimonThoumire

    Bellows Technique

    Here’s a video I made on my thoughts on bellow technique. Any questions / comments ask away! Hopefully see some of you in Witney this weekend 🙂 https://youtu.be/CVUEhUqKEgU
  3. SimonThoumire

    Two finger rolls video

    Here’s a video I made on my technique of playing two finger rolls! If anyone has any questions please fire away.
  4. SimonThoumire

    Writing a tune on concertina video

    HI Dave, I agree. Accordion player Phil Cunningham always said he wrote a tune a day and 99% of them were rubbish. Your tune is great and definitely feels authentic. Re Stool my hands were too full with cameras... 🙂
  5. I’ve made a video about writing a tune on the concertina! I hadn't worked this out in advance so the inspiration (or not) could come in real time! I think the tune worked out ok and hopefully it will give you some ideas to try this yourself. You can have a go at playing the tune here. I’ve revised it a few times since the video (as always happens) and added 4 extra bars! Feel free to record it yourself and send it to me! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VZBY9YhRsy_dXNrlfs9XZ9--nzqKyfpY I've also made a revisited audio recording here https://www.patreon.com/posts/22462900 If you enjoy this video please consider supporting my Patreon account at http://www.patreon.com/simonthoumire
  6. SimonThoumire

    Let Me Call You Sweetheart

    Go for it Didie! I’ll be it sounds great on duet.
  7. SimonThoumire

    Let Me Call You Sweetheart

    Hey Wolf, nice to hear from you. Here’s the music (I downloaded from the internet) for anyone else to try https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_chVBshKbH3cwrazgfaQxDaNS3JhVytg
  8. Just recorded this classic tune! Trying to play a mixture of treble and bass clef. https://www.patreon.com/posts/21825007
  9. SimonThoumire

    English Concertina Web Course

    Thanks to all attended my concertina course today. For anybody's information still wanting to attend you can still purchase the course and watch it online in our secure area. http://www.ayepod.net/webcasts/simonthoumire_teaching.htm
  10. SimonThoumire

    30 Butt0n Concertina

    Did anyone ever come across a 30 button concertina with accordion reeds in it that was made in Wasps in Germany by an Irishman (I can't remember his name)? I once tried it at Rudolstadt Festival in Germany and stupidly never bought it at the time. I would still like to track one down sometime.
  11. SimonThoumire

    English Concertina Web Course

    This will be a 4 week course starting this Saturday, 29th April, 6pm. It will look at different aspects of technique and each lesson will last 30 minutes. After the session each lesson video will be available to the particpants for viewing in our secure section. Access to the teaching streams will unlimited and will be available to the participant for two weeks after the end of the 4 week course. Lesson 1: We will look at Simon's tune My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (click on the link to download the music as a pdf) and talk about techniques of vibrato, fingering and chords. We will also talk about different ways of hold the concertina. The 4 week course cost is $36 (approx £20). http://www.ayepod.net/webcasts/simonthoumire_teaching.htm
  12. SimonThoumire

    English Concertina Web Course

    Hi Poaceae, Thanks for writing. I see where your coming from! I will be recording the lessons and will maybe look at a future DVD release. I am going to make all the lessons available after the event to people who have bought the course. If you can't make the live lessons you can use them and email me with any questions.
  13. SimonThoumire

    Simon Thoumire Live Webcast

    Sorry to not be back before this. Poaceae is exactly right. The teaching will be a one of payment for the 4 week course. I will teach live - taking questions - and the recording will be available on demand in a members area so people can revisit it.
  14. SimonThoumire

    English Concertina Web Course

    Thanks guys. This is a new venture and we want to be delivering lots of different teachingin the next few months.
  15. SimonThoumire

    English Concertina Web Course

    From Saturday 29th April I will be conducting a live webcast English concertina course. This will follow on from a concert I am doing next Saturday 22nd April, 5pm (GMT+1). There will be live webchat for anyone that has any questions. There's more info at http://www.ayepod.net/webcast.htm or feel free to contact me on simon@scottishtraditionalmusic.com.