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  1. Hi, I hope I'm not getting slightly off topic but I was wondering if someone could answer two questions for me! Is playing with the bellows over the knee sometimes used to get a kind of "percussivey" sound? Also, I don't know much about the various systems, but I've noticed lots of musicians on these forums play EC. What are the differences between EC and Anglo?
  2. Grey - I think I'll be buying some stuff but not immediately. How long are you doing this sale? Thank you!
  3. I have no idea. But beautiful music and a lovely video. Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas!
  4. I also began with a really cheap squeeze-box (but mine had only 20 buttons) which I played poorly for a year and a half before buying something better. But it really did get me interested in the anglo concertina! But I still don't like to count that year and a half in the time I've been learning to play
  5. I'm finding this discussion really interesting! I really don't know anything about the other systems - so I'll continue to read this and learn from you all! I'd love more information. How many different systems are their and what are their peculiarities? This website is quite a goldmine for a novice like me.
  6. Hi McDouglas! I also play piano but am not a pianist by any stretch of the imagination! I took up ITM on the Anglo about a year ago, and I think it made a lot of sense, because of my prior experience with piano. I've been using the Online Academy of Irish Music https://oaim.ie Have you checked that out yet? It's been most helpful. Help me out on this, everyone. I've always thought that the Anglo was THE concertina to play ITM on? Is this right?
  7. I've really enjoyed looking at everyone else's instruments! One of my favorite pastimes is searching for pictures of beautiful squeezeboxes.
  8. Sorry this is a bad picture, but here's my concertina. Just a simple Wren Anglo from McNeela, but I'm very fond of it
  9. Gary - the arrangements are really wonderful. I've become more familiar with them now and I really like the organ sound! And thank you for the clarification.
  10. okay, thanks for letting me know, JimLucas. I'm really new to this site, so I'm still finding it kinda confusing
  11. I just purchased Christmas Concertina and have started learning a few tunes. It's both challenging and wonderful, but I have a little question. Are the tunes in this book written in a different style from how one would play Irish music on the concertina (which is what I usually do), and what would that style be called? Hope this makes sense ...
  12. Thanks for sharing the list and all the information! I'm currently playing a Wren from McNeela and really enjoying it, but I know I'll need to upgrade sometime. May I save the list somewhere for future reference?
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