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  1. I am considering selling my 48button Wheatstone Crane Duet which is in perfect shape (comes with box). Admittedly, I am living in Germany. Feel free to send a PM or email to callanach@gmx.de if interested though.
  2. I just got a new one at it comes with a nice case. Always put it in there: no furniture issues. I don’t find the rows assymetric. Got an Elise from CC/Wakker and it’s exactly the same feel, only smaller and less buttons 😉 The sound is nice if you like the accordion reeds - no concertina sound at all but well tuned. Only two rows were misplaced (the six rows on the left hand were interchanged) but my concertina fettler fixed that quite quickly. As a summary I‘d say it‘s the best option for a low budget 46-key. If you are okay with 34, then better get the Elise, because it has more the genuine spirit if you know what I mean 😄
  3. It would definitely fill a gap, since 7mount is currently taking no new orders due to high demand. Another crafter in Germany would be Jürgen Suttner, http://suttnerconcertinas.com , but just like Ralf from 7mount he's focussed on Anglos and a little amount of ECs, no duets here. But fine instruments, both.
  4. That would be absolutely awesome, I'd appreciate it!
  5. I know, this thread is ten years old... I recently emailed with Harry and he is still into producing a Hayden Bandoneon. I informed him of my great interest in such an instrument and asked about the ordering process, because he demands a deposit (which would be fine with me). Haven’t got a reply yet, but maybe this might be interesting for some of you.
  6. where can you find out the date from the serial number? trying to do some research... thanks
  7. I ordered a concertina from the UK recently. I am in Germany. We pay 19% local VAT plus 3,2% customs for non-vintage (that would be older than 100 ys) instruments. The 1.500 GBP instrument was 1.950 GBP in total for me. just a quick calculation example. that’s how things are now. I decided to deal with it. but you really start to think because it makes a dramatic difference.
  8. Just for the records and if anyone's interested - that other lady in the video is the imo fantastic Harriet Earis ( http://www.harrietearis.com ) - it's absolutely worth checking her music and she's a lovely personality on top of that sorry for being slightly offtopic
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