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  1. Thanks Wolf. I never considered that the same model could have different dimensions.. This does conplicate things a bit. Okay, good idea. Let's keep it to individual Wheatstone English instruments for a start. How about: 1. *** Serial number (then I can look up the model etc.) 2. Date of manufacture (if known) 3. Model # (if known, otherwise I can look it up) 4. *** Number of keys 5. *** Type (Aeola, treble, tenor-treble, extended treble, etc) 6. *** size across the flats 7. weight (if known) *** please include if at all possible, if not fill in what you can.) Data might not be in ledgers for some instruments but let's see how this works out. This could be interesting. It shouldn't take too many people chipping in to quickly see some patterns developing. What do you think? Did I forget anything? Add too much? John
  2. I've been searching for an hour comparing the Aeola English system Tenor and Tenor-Treble (model 17 and model 19) Which is right for me? I have the note range figured out but can't find anything specific on the size and weight comparison. Can soneone give me the size (across the flats) of both a 48K treble and a 56K tenor-treble Aeola please? Maybe a Model 22 too as well please. Actually... If this hasn't been done before, let's compile a chart comparing the different models. If it has been done please point me in the right direction or PM me for my email to send it to me please. I am mostly interested in Wheatstone but why not open it up. Please let's stick to English system though. Every few days I can put the info into a summary post. What do you say? Not the primary concern when choosing an instrument of course but it does come into it. I think this could be some very useful data compiled into one place. Please help Type (ex: tenor, tenor-treble, tenor etc,) Model # (ex: Model 17 for 48K treble Aeola etc.) Serial # (optional but especially useful if no model #) Number of keys Note range Features (ex: wrist straps, thumb strap to note position, etc.) Type of ends (ex: ebony, raised ebony, metal, etc.) Number of bellow folds Size (distance across the flats) Weight Thanks.
  3. Yes, sorry, above post edited to say Nov. 11, 1920.
  4. This is bazare. I am soon to get a model 17 treble Aeola serial 28628, built Nov. 11, 1920. It's in line to be restored so should have it about October. That's really close! Should we start the consecutive serial number club and attempt to fill in the gaps?
  5. I don't want to go back and forth on this. To safe guard myself, I always ask that I be sent an invoice, then I pay this invoice. I can then see the sellers information and besides then there is no confusion on who pays the fees, etc. What put up the red flags here was the phone number on the invoice did not match with the phone number on the directory listing. Maybe nothing, but worth checking into. I sure wouldn't mind if someone phone called me and asked me to push a few buttons on my concertina even if I didn't know how to play a note. I made it clear that I didn't expect her to play a song or anything like that. And I certainly wouldn't of sold some of my precious items to get cash if I was just tire kicking. I bent over backwards to make this happen and just by asking for a quick phone call the deal was instantly cancelled! I was certainly shocked to say the least!!! I wouldn't think that asking to make quick phone contact is changing the terms of a contract but maybe I'm wrong here. I was given until Friday to pay and that's what would of happened. I thought I was doing my part. This all seems so harsh to me!!! I went through a ton of grief to secure the funding on Saturday and this was well known. I was at first told it would not be held for me even though I offered to PayPal a $200 deposit to do so. I then bent over backwards and sold every thing I could to get the money and I ask for a simple phone call and it's all over!!! Harsh at the very least! The listing ended with no bids at 2750 and I was then asked multiple times to make an offer through Cnet which I did and it was instantly accepted. Again, I had this funding in place when the offer was made. I communicated what I had left to do... make a deposit on Monday, make a payment on my Visa, then wait for it to clear and then pay through PayPal probably Wednesday. I was told up to Friday would be fine and it would ship out Monday. I was really excited to get this concertina, maybe too much so. I think when red flags go up one should act on them. I acted on them. Sadly I can't see this working out even if everything is legit. I could go through eBay and if no other bids, then get it for 2750 I guess... but too many hard feelings now. And I've phoned and left messages at both phone numbers still with no response so in reality the red flags are still there. I don't want this to go back and forth. This is just too upsetting. I just want to play music, all this negativity deeply affects me. If I get a phone call from Jenny at her directory listed number and she knows nothing about the concertina for sale I will of course pass this info on here for others to see but other than that I guess that's it. John
  6. Thanks Robert. I appreciate your confidence in me. You are a real asset to the concertina community and have helped me immensely! Wow! This is a bit of a shock. I really thought this was a done deal. All that was left was a phone call from Jenny or for her to give me her number so I could call her. Through great effert, I raised the funds for these two concertinas. She knows this. I had the funds in place for sure or would not have proceeded. It was not one of the other. It was brutal on such short notice but I didn't want to pass up a 48 button Boyd as they are so rare. Seeing these comments here and this conversation on here is really hurtful to me. I am sorry, but I think most would agree that it would be foolish to send $2500 USD to a PayPal account with no verification whatever that the concertina even exists or that this is even really Jenny that is selling it. I don't think this is unreasonable. Times are tough. I simply can't afford unreasonable risk. Is it really wise for me to send money across the country with no contact information or verification? I don't believe there is any way to get my money back on PayPal as it's not an eBay transaction. Through directory assistance I tracked down Jenny G Hubert's home phone number and have now left her a message to contact me. Maybe everything is perfectly fine or maybe I will get a call saying she sold it years ago and doesn't know what I am talking about!!! If she contacts me through her home number than everything is on the up and up and I can proceed. Sadly, I see that she has now cancelled my PayPal invoice and relisted it again on eBay so I may just have to let this one go either way... all because I asked for a phone call! If I've done something wrong then I'm sorry. I was not even going to say anything until I knew for sure and maybe shouldn't even be writing this. By his is really upsetting to me. All my correspondence has been very open and respectful and I honestly do admire the legacy of Gene Hubert and would be honoured to play his concertina. John
  7. Looks like this concertina is going to travel 3000 miles and end up in Western Canada! I am sure that no one could possibly ever value this instrument more than I will! I will take great care of it. It will be my main instrument until I can afford and find a Boyd Wheatstone Aeola and with my little money that is not likely to happen for a very, very long time! But I am a musician and I will play this instrument with heart and soul! I have been researching the life of Gene Hubert. Wow! There are even YouTube videos showing his dances! He left quite a legacy. Thanks Jenny!
  8. This is my dream concertina! Perfect for loud outdoor playing in a band. It would be a big upgrade from my bone buttoned Lachenal. Sadly I am flat brook right now. Best wishes for the sale. If it doesn't sell quickly or you are willing to save it for me I can promise to purchase it from you late Sept. or Oct. Thanks, John (fernie_view).
  9. Wanted - 48 Button English To Learn On - West Coast Canada Or PNW, Seattle area. Edit: I am now actively searching for a Lachenal Edeophone 48 key with the large reed pan hole from the late 1920s. I am really enjoying the English concertina but my bone button instrument is in terrible condition and not worth getting professionally restored. I have been told that the Edeophone has the best balance of all the vintage concertinas for the type of music I want to play. It is very important to me that the steel reeds have never been tuned, that it is in old high pitch. The rest of the instrument can be rough as long as it is able to be restored. Please let me know if anyone has something like this or knows of one for sale. I prefer to buy locally in Canada but would certainly be open to getting the right instrument shipped from the UK or the USA. Thanks, John Message me through this forum please.
  10. I would be very interested in a photo of the action. Thanks.
  11. Thanks. Yes, this is my first venture into the world of the Crane Duet. Received it last night. Wonderful sounding instrument. I was already playing a few tunes in under an hour. Played scales going around the circle of 5ths. I got up to 4 flats one way and 3 sharps the other way. Find it a very intuitive fingering system. Strangley, on this Crane, the low C# is tuned to a rumbling low F. Interesting!!! I am wondering if it came from the factory this way and will have to check the Wheatstone journal again.
  12. Thanks Bill. Just purchased it. It's staying in Canada traveling from one coast nearly to the other. Tom and Marla at the Halifax Folklore Centre were awesome to deal with. It's all original with the original case. Not a lot of use on it and has been completely gone through and tuned... what a deal for a pre war raised ebony Wheatstone!!! Will post a detailed review of the instrument after it arrives.
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