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  1. Chris, I just visited your site! That is a beautiful instrument...love the wood ends. I did not read too far...what wood is it? As to my Dipper, it did not meet the reserve and I did not look to the lower offers. It has been a learning experience and a bit frustrating as 3 bidders have backed out and my heart rises and falls accordingly(like a bellows!) It has given me some clarity as to what I want for the instrument, however. I am forced to sell the concertina for economic reasons only. I do not want to be concertinaless in this world, so given I need near $6000 to repay loans incurred moving to take care of my widow elderly Mom (true!!), I would consider any offer near that figure which also included a C/G (or maybe an English?) replacement (obviously a mid range instrument) or enough extra to buy a Clover kit from Wim Walker. If I do not get such an offer, I will try again on Ebay after Mercury goes direct(April 4). All the best, Huckleberry
  2. neill, I appreciate your commenting on the Dipper which is still for sale for 2 more days on ebay. I have never done anything like this before and asked Tom to help me sell the concertina. After your request for a youtube came, there was a big learning curve, plus a shooting 2 blocks away of a judge and a deputy that put us in lockdown for a whole day. By the time we got it done it was too late...so we try again. Same Dipper!! The good side to this is since I still have the concertina I got to play a St. Pat's gig at the local pub lat night. I would have enjoyed your getting the instrument. I am hoping the next buyer is someone I can communicate the story of the concertina to.I spent several years in New Zealand and traveled the shipping lines playing concertina back and forth. The instrument you have is certainly lovely. It has taken me so long to learn a bit to play the C/G that I shy from even the thought of learning another fingering. I become more dyslexic with age! Anyway, good luck and congratuations on your Dipper. May you live long and prosper and have a good time on the way. All the best, huckleberry
  3. I am putting the Dipper back on EBAY tonight. This instrument has the nice curved handles someone liked so well.
  4. I am still offering my Dipper concertina for sale. So far not 1 offer. Attached are photos. It is in excellent condition . Contact me please. All the best, Huckleberry
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